AFC and Officers

Basically, I simply want to know - if you are planning to go to AFC Harrogate, but want to be an officer and do the AOSB, is it a bad idea? Can you even join as an officer after AFC, or are you a guaranteed squaddie?

Oh, and what's the delay from leaving Harrogate and joining up?
There were a number of Juniors at AFC when I was there who had officer potential. Those who were serious about it got stuck into the academic side so that when they were 19 or 20 and ready for a crack at AOSB they were qualified. We also had one bloke with 10 A* GCSEs who was so good we suggested he left, went back to college got A levels and went to AOSB at 18-which he did (don't know if he made it or not). alternatives include Defence 6th Form academy - see website
I'm confused (for a change). You want to be an officer, but are going to Harrogate?


You are going to harrogate and now want to be an Officer?

The second bit about leaving Harrogate and joining up? AFC Harrogate is an Army Phase 1 training establishment - you are a Soldier there, not afterwards. Contrary to the belief of many there that is a 6th form college, with no commitment until you pass out...

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