This has taken me on quite a journey, but does anyone have an electronic copy of this form (AFB6610A) or know anyone who does? I have tried the army net but that doesnot have it.
I have called westbury, London District, Manchester, Preston York, Essex, Nothing.
Tip your hat to your neares TA PSAO he/she should sort you out.
Tried to find the contact number for the Army Forms and publications department in Wales but they have closed down. I wonder who is replacing them.
I got an order from them earlier this month, pretty sure they haven't closed..

btw, AFB6610A is produced by MOD DSDA(PC) 0117 9376256 according to the form, but I'm willing to bet thats out of date now. If I need a restock Llangennech would be my first port of call.

Although slightly worrying is this I found of the DI, Travelling to and from Llangennech - site due to be closed by June 2008

Maybe its time to check the filing system...

As for contact number, I just fax a form off sorry
AH!!!! The Phone number for getting those forms is 01554822421. But no joy on electronic copy though.
Just for future reference I called Glasgow and they said (after a very long chat) that the form is not of electronic copy and they cant be bothered to put it on...... Nice to know.
You are right, Walting Matilda - all you'll ever be able to get hold of is a (much photocopied) hard copy.

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