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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by DPMGuy, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. I am trying to compile all my reports from that Black Hole called APC. Have manged to obtain all 2047/2048 but the RAC did not use this for Troopers in the early years. I want to send in a Data Proctection Act request for a copy of the little biege book and cannot remember if it was 2066 or 2026. Any old school out their remember. Any help appreciated.
  2. I think it was a 2066.
  3. A Google search reveals that other people are calling it a AFB 2066.
  4. yes - 2066. I think it was called the Works Report. I was unable to get mine from MCM as they said it wasn't covered under DPA. I suspect they had eiher binned it some time ago or decided that it was too much of a pain in the backside to reproduce as it was in booklet form instead of A4 sheet. At the end of the day, I wasn't that bothered so didn't pursue the issue. Maybe I should have?

  5. Thanks for the replies I knew someone would come thu. I think I will give it a go but won't hold my breath while waiting.
  6. When asking for documentation under the DATA Protection Act remember to ask for all DATA held both Clerical and Electronic otherwise they will only send you what they want to and not everything.
  7. when they were made obsolete the AF B2066 should have been placed in your unit docs - on your P file (AF B9999) - have you tried your unit docs clerk? or sub-unit clerk?
  8. From memory it was called "Soldiers Annual Employment Record". A 2026 was the soldiers pers document folder, wasn't it? Also many REME bods would also have a Pot Art Book (AF B6880?) which was similar to the 2066 but coloured blue and was kept in their misc docs when closed.
  9. Yeah the rules for 2047/2048s and when/if they were used varied across the Corps and Arms. After I got out I worked in MCM Sp Div for a bit and I had to virtually rewrite almost the entire DMAs Guide - what a pain re-formatting all those charts.

    It wouldn't surprise me if it had gone missing. I originally got out at my 9yr point and then re-enlisted a couple of years later and when when my MRO sent my original docus through to the unit my original 2066 and various other docus were missing. Can't blame APC for that since it was still the MROs. (On discharge I know my docus were complete and in pristine nick as I completed and delivered them to my Depot myself). So blame has to lie with either the MRO or my Regtl Depot. To be honest if your 2066 was in your docus when they were sent to APC on discharge it would most likely still be there.

    Normally, if missing I'd blame your unit or the unit where you handed in your ID card (usually the Regtl Depot). On discharge the AF B2066 had to have an entry stating whether you were "Recommended/Not Recommended for re-enlistment" inserted in it and many units didn't do this till the last minute (or it sat in the OC's pending tray) and therefore it was recorded on the AF A2026 as "to follow" (aka "cheque is in the post"). The same often happened when soldiers were posted and many p*ss-poor unit docs clks just didn't bother to chase up the previous unit to send the missing doc until they needed it, and by then it was often too late - they'd claim they had sent it, etc.

    To be honest the APC wasn't/isn't perfect but it does get the blame for a lot of Unit admin problems. I've worked on both sides and know what often happens.