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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by CamNostos, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. I've had my file up in Glasgow for almost three months now, i'm waiting to join my local Inf battalion. Obviously this is by no means an isolated occurrence as the farcical system ex-regs are subjected to can apparently take up to a year. Just out of interest if any former Regulars have recently completed this process feel free to share your experience and the timeframe.
  2. CamNostos: good question but if answered within the framework you have set it would give you bum information.

    How so?

    Because the average wait faced by ex-regs is significantly different depending on whether they left the regulars up to a year before applying to join the TA, or longer.

    If less than a year, the transfer process can be very swift. The permanent staff admin officer at my former subunit has a personal best of 8 hours. Usually it takes a few weeks.

    If more than a year, more checks are undertaken. The key one, I think, is that your application is reviewed by the occupational health wallah at Glasgow. I say "wallah" and not "wallahs", and that's the main cause of the delay. I would say the average wait for those out for more than a year is about 6 months. Hey, no rush, right? It can take longer if the OH wallah is away or if there is a complication in your med docs.

    The only stalling factor I have ever encountered is that med issue. Service records, disciplinary action or whatever have never slowed it down.

    The TA unit you are trying to join should be -

    a. Pinging Glasgow for signs of life at least weekly.
    b. Pinging you at least weekly to ensure you are still feeling the love.
    c. Briefing you on likely timeline (ie, the question you asked).

    Hold them to that standard!
  3. Dr. E, thanks for taking the time, that was very helpful! To be more specific I have been out for nearly two years. Furthermore, I did have a minor knee surgery whilst in but was never downgraded or MD'd - I can see that said Wallah would definitely need to make a judgement on this, do they usually give you the chance to go for the mini selection or bin you off on the basis of your records?
  4. Thats me fucked i took an ak round through the leg (only muscle damage and pefectly heeled). I'll hold out for a year, been waiting for about 2 1/2 months already. I'll just use the time to get fitter. They must lose quite fewblokes as everyone has the assumption that they will just walk back in again.
  5. I hope not mate - or ill get binned off too probably. I am sure that people with operational experience and some injuries present less of a risk than paying to train up a civy from week one, day one. The unit I visited said most of them get to Catterick on the CIC and decide its not for them anyway! Surely in this new iteration of the TA (whatever they decide to call it) people who have a proven capacity to deploy on OPs should be straight to the front of the line.
  6. The medical standards for ex-regulars wishing to join the TA are higher than the standards required to stay in the regular Army. Bizarre but true.

    If you were MFD (P1 - medically fully deployable, ie fully fit) when you got out, then getting back in will not be a problem. If you were anything less than that, then getting in will be difficult.

    This has meant, in my own experience, having to turn away excellent soldiers with (for example) minor deafness. These guys would have made excellent instructors and recruiters, and we could have kept them away from things that would have aggravated their condition, but the big Glaswegian computer said no.

    * whispers * It's almost as if they didn't want the Army Reserve to meet that 30,000 target.

  7. To the best of my knowledge that's the case - although I was not paying much attention to anything in my last few days on account of being giddy with the idea of getting out! I think I still have my FMED somewhere, that's what they go off I presume?
  8. The delay can be caused because, as Dr Evil says, it has to go to Occ Health if your final medical is more than a year ago. There has been some improvemnt in the time scales of late I must add. Previously as they were so snowed under with the Redundancy tranches, the best we could hope for was at least a 3 month wait. But they apparently have taken on more people to cope with demand and we had an answer recently (albeit in the negative) within a couple of weeks.

    However, a cautionary note that even if it was MFD, it may not be the opinion of Occ Health when they look at your medical records. It has happened here. Glasgow=MFD, Occ Health=MND!!

    I think sometimes it can depend on how good the 203 itself is aswell, ie not just "we want him as he/she is ex-reg", but a descriptive explanation including references ie JSPs, DINs etc , as to why you are applying and why this 'special enlistment' deserves to go through.

    I can only appologise for the wait to my 203 people, explain the delay, check at least every couple of weeks ( I have a good relationship with them up there in puzzle palace and don't want to get irritating) and keep the candidate informed.
  9. I can say with certainty that the bloke who Is handling my application has done none of that, I've never seen anyone give less fucks in a recruitment office - that is really saying something. He told me with what I assume was some pride that he had a TA rejoiner on his wall for over a year. Once again I find myself wishing I had initiated this process at the TAC and not my local AFCO.
  10. Fancy joining the R SIGS ? :)
  11. Ha, yeah I would consider it. Not sure there are many Sigs units around the East Midlands though - and Inf is my preference ATM, I want to go back to Afghan once I've qualified as a Teacher and finished a Masters. As an Arty Observer I'm used to a rigid net with VP and all, so it's always an option if my 203 gets sorted!
  12. 37 Sig Regt are in your neck of the woods (nudge nudge). Just kidding, I am not a 'bums on seats' gal and I try and make sure that all the options are known. No point recruiting someone into something they don't want to do as they will drift away towards what they really want to do when they get in. Hence all my hard work will be for nothing. As you say, consider all of your options and remember if things aren't working out with where you eventually end up, there is always the option of transfer lol :)

  13. this would be nice, I've had 1 contact in 4 months from the unit despite chasing them. I think you just have to put it in the back of your mind, just keep fit for other goals then when you least expect it they'll prob start chasing us up!

    Seems crazy as ex service people should be fast-tracked given we are much more likely to be motivated and less likely to drop out as we know what it entails.
  14. Fancy joining R SIGS? :)
  15. As an Ex - MD'er from Officer Training in 2005 (I had surgery to correct my issue 2 yrs ago and am now fully fit) what are my chances of getting in to the TA? Bored of civvy life. No unit / arm chosen as yet - would that make a difference?