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AF1771s 2000th post

Perhaps he could waste it in here?

Oh, I don't actually care, he's making a fuss over it though so I thought it would be nice to say something...

That's it... =|
CrapSpy said:

Perhaps you could save up some choice abuse for your 2000th post? I found it very relaxing for my 1000th.
am thinking of something suitable...not sure whether to direct it at the non-pc decision to host a "Ladies Day" or the lack of Xmas boxes en-route to theatre..

(3 to go)
There appears to be something like 20 days between mine and AF1771s joining of this site, someone has either got a LOT of sh1t to spout or a lot of time on his hands...

Or both!
Feck!..there were so many posts that warranted an inane response, but i bit my lip..witheld and saved it for this.......

(feck feck feck..it won't attach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

oh well;

Respect to G2 for the Cypress Green Rabbit.

NTTT- will the be available from ICA in the near future??

"Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow" is how you progress you career (or get nominated for the Intelligencers Prize) Career progression (Point 17).

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