AF South Naples

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SirRob, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. i am looking for a NATO posting, does anyone have any info on AF South Naples or any other NATO posting? Thanks.
  2. All depends on your rank and trade, oh and how well you know MCM Div.

  3. You won't get anywhere asking for a posting to AF South Naples becuase it's been renamed to Joint Forces Command (JFC) Naples. Best of luck I spent 2.5 years there and luuuved it!
  4. I did Latina for a couple of years and enjoyed living in Italy. Naples however, is a sh*thole and is the Liverpool of Italy in that it is full of thieving gets. It stinks from the sulphur caves in Bagnoli, but I heard that they were moving out of town up to Lago Patria. There is an Infants school there if you have kids of that age. The camp in Naples is a 5 minute walk from the Stadio where Napoli play, but they are in Serie B at the moment and the glory days of Maradona are long gone. It is a vibrant city and takes some getting used to. I certainly enjoyed Latina more. Driving in Naples is awesome fun, the traffic in Basra was easier to get through.
  5. An Italian NATO posting, or just any NATO posting? Pm me your CEQ/rank, and I might have some interesting info. :eek:
  6. Ckeeky c*nt - especially considering where you come from....................
  7. Well it fcuking well is. Port City and "pieno con ladri" We'd have gotten rolled in Liverpool when we were there a couple of months back if I didn't have my street smarts with me.
  8. Ha Ha...........

    **** off..

    You may have got rolled - not me... I still demand a lot of respect 'on da streets'...
  9. IIRC, I sh*t myself the day after on the way back, not the day before, like you did when you paid those Villa fans not to beat you up in the Irish Bar.
  10. Depends on trade and rank really. The one's I know of are: SHAPE (Belgium), JFC HQ Brunssum (Holland), JHQ (Lisbon, Portugal), JFHQ Naples (Italy), RDC IT (Milan), and a HQ in Valencia which I'm unsure about. All of these have R Signals posts/LSN's but trade groups are mainly (if not all) Tech & IS Engr.
  11. Hey pal, you had better check your insurance premium, it will *ucking rocket, the thieving *wats will rob your house with you still in it, and yes it is a shit hole, nice if you can get it!!
  12. Agreed Shell Scrape, as I said, just like Liverpool, except for the last comment.
  13. Shirebrook, Langworth, Naples............................

    'Nuff said.
  14. You are compromising me now mate ! Anyway, its Langwith, although my mate John has a tattoo on his back spelt Langworth, but then again, he is ex 1 Para...
  15. I'm compromising you.........?? Don't think so.