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Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Cutaway, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    As most of us know there are many aspects of African humour that doesn't really cut it in the UK or overseas in general, so I thought there might be room for something similar to the "Come and have a go..." thread in the NAAFI Bar.
    Though the SAAWI Bar doesn't have the same ring to it ! ;-)

    A start perhaps ?


    Following the immigration of many Saffers of all hues, an African fashion subculture had become popular amongst the British, complete with Cape Town 'Passion Gaps.'
  2. Jesus, I thought Jabba the hut was a fictional character in Star Wars.
  3. She reminds me of a monster that used to work in the cookhouse at Gibraltar Bks in the 1990's. Does anyone remember her? She used to drip with sweat that would land in the food! Not a pleasant sight.
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  4. And it simply had to be from the Manchester Evening News. Typical Longsight harridan on the way to/back from the offy. 250,000 years of evolution gone wrong.
  5. I can just see some hard bugger Zulu sitting under a tree with his AK, looking at that and thinking "How the hell did they ever beat us?"
  6. Twas A sad day when they knocked the Waggon and horses down. Seeing all the untermench scurrying out to find stones big enough to hide under.