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AF B6848, Electronic copy

Hi all, can someone please help me out and send me a copy / attachment of the B6848 form, I'm having a right nightmere downloading the software from armynet :oops: (server not letting me :evil: )
Would wait for a hard copy in the post, however this would save a load of time.

Thank you for any help in this matter.

Is it one of the forms you need the Form Filler software for?

Good indicator is you can download the form, but not open it.

If that's the case, download the software from http://www.toplev.com/formfiller.html
(same link is on the Reference Section --> Forms part of Armynet)

Then try again.

Edited to add: Just re-read your question, seems you already knew that! Try my link, I've already got it installed but just downloaded to test the link and it's working fine for me.
The paper work was done on the old system so will have tobe redone on paper, as JPA have not recognised any action has taken place.
The link is working however the administrator will not allow the software to be fully loaded on the computer!
Thanks for your help tho.

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