Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Blodwyn, May 22, 2006.

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  1. just found out that I've been dibbed for my aeromed course with TMW in August, any tips?
  2. ??Listen to them??
  3. Pay attention would be the obvious one - it's not an attendance course, but it's very well taught. The pass mark is high, and some of the stuff, like learning the location of all the safety eqpt, FAKs, dinghies, O2 sets, fire axes and so on on 3 different a/c types can be daunting - you really need to concentrate.

    Teamwork is essential - AE is no place to be a prima donna.

    Being fit will help - you'll be doing smoke escape drills, aircraft escape slide and dinghy drills (you'll be amazed how hard it is to swim in a flying suit), and the decompression run, not to mention loading stretchers and roling airframes.

    If you're a nurse, find out what SICs are and get familiar with those associated with AE - you'll need to know them for the final exam.

    Finally, when you've done the ground phase, try to remember it all for the flying phase - you will be under scrutiny and people do fail.

    Above all, though, enjoy it!
  4. just finished ground phase, you were right about swiming in the flying suit!!

    Its two exams now, both with an 80% pass mark, scrapped through both.

    cracking course , three weeks now, so you can do all the heli's as well as the tristar,c17 etc , got my flying phase in three weeks got to do an mpa run and an akrotori jolly then its off to help man the asu at kandahar for christmas... happy days :)
  5. Well done, and glad you enjoyed it.
  6. Passed my flying phase yesterday, :D woohoo, fly to kandahar early next week , bah! :( , cheers for the tips!
  7. Watch out for those mortars, fecking ruined my dinner one night.......bloody Taliban :roll:
  8. Congrats! Kandahar probably better than the Falklands, which is where I always seemed to be heading.

    Based upon recent experience, here's another top tip: double check everything you get from AECC - it might prevent someone else's woolly thinking dropping you in it.