aeromed but no Op Alowance

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by andyman, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. has anyone else had there op allowance stopped after being aeromed? i lost my last 5 weeks because i was aeromed with a fractured ankle wich happened on patrol, the reason being it was not a battle injury, is this right :?
  2. The guys who were injured on H12 from my lot (including a work-shy fister who feigned a heart attack) all received the full bonus. It doesn't get stopped, you receive it as a tax-free lump sum at the end once the clerk processes it.
  3. Don't know if it's still in place but you had to do 30 days to be entitled to it.

    Our chief clerk left on her 30th day after to going sick with mental health problems because she missed her dogs. The CoC were rightly fuming and were putting in for her not getting the bonus or medal.

    She was fat and Ginger and TA and she had a face like the back of a figure 11 after a range day.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Andy if you are no longer on an Op why should you be entitled to an operational allowance?

    I realise that you may feel that you are being financially inconvenienced by circumstances beyond your control but anyone who has volunteered to go and not been selected could make the same claim.
  5. Be a mate, give us her number!! ^^
  6. There is a DIN or something which covers this, and I would be surprised if it hasn't already been quoted in a similar thread.
  7. No they couldn't. The OP was on tour when injured for which there is direction. This thread could have been closed after post 2.
  8. Behave, like I'd have the monsters number, I only vaguely knew her as Mickey and that was because to refer to her as a CC would indicate she was administratively competent.
  9. Op Allowance is a daily allowance paid in a single lump sum at teh end of a tour.... if you do less time than some one else you get paid less. Simple really.

    I did 3 days of a course the other week, should I have been paid 5 days worth of IA because that is the length of the course if I was starting from the beginning rather than refreshing my qual?

    Sounds like the pilots who whinge when they lose flying pay when they are beind a desk...
  10. Are we talking about a certain monkey?
  11. thats no comparison tho is it? i was 5 months in and had my end tour date, i was injured doing the job what im lookin for are the definitions as to who does and who doesnt qualify for it to be paid till the end tour with an injury
  12. Hmmm, maybe. :)
  13. again no comparison, why would some get and some not get OA when injured?
  14. A precedence has been set wherefore personnel either injured in action or non-battle injuries have received the full amount as I see it. The clerks must have direction on this. Have you approached them and received a second opinion from another clerky type? Like I said, this 'heart attack' victim did about 6 weeks in theatre and received the lot to the dismay of those that has completed the full 6 months in the sh!te.
  15. I received my full OA when injured at the 4 month point. I've never heard of injuries being described as battle injuries or otherwise. If that were the case why would those that spend 6 months in Bastion receive the same rate of OA when there's no chance of them getting a battle injury?

    Also, don't forget to get your AFCS claim in, it will be worth a couple of grand.