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Assuming that the CRE still deal with maps and the like, does anyone know where i can get hold of briefing type aerial photos of Afghanistan. Namely Kabul and Bastion. Been asked (jiffed!) to setup a Sqn Briefing Room so want to have some aerials of the places we are going to if poss.
PM me with any phone numbers or mil email addresses.
Cheers in advance.
PM inbound
I have looked on Armynet and got some maps off there and have other maps but its the photos i need.
But as i have some useful PM's, many thanks for that.
how soon do you require them ????

this link might help.

you can order them straight from the big map place at Feltham. they have (quite literally) shed loads of normal maps, imagery maps, country maps and the like. they also have imagery road atlas type products of the areas you mention. You can order online against your unit UIN and they send them back in fairly quick time.

It is even worth popping in as you will be amazed by the stuff they have. do take a DAF as it is a real aladins cave. They can also do all the stuff on CD for presentations etc

Map Depot Helpdesk (MOD MACD)

Telephone: (9)4641 4100 (Civil: 020 8818 2100)
Fax: (9)4641 4485 (Civil: 020 8818 2485)
Internet email:

RLi / MOD email:

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