Aerial Mapping

This Old Hack has just seen an idea :roll: from another goverment department which proposes that were farm boundaries are currently unmarked that the farmer will be required to install markers, ideally 75 mm white topped fence posts, so that aerial mapping can detect a boundary where there are currently no physical markings!!! Ranges etc

He He, my neighbours are on a a range whith hundreds of sheep!!! he's worried his boundary will change with every picture and where will he get the money for the post tops.

Come to think of it, heck so am I - he might get a bit of my land. On your bike Registry people !!! :twisted:
This is no joke! The Rural Payment Agency, famous for jumping naked off their filing cabinets and once under the sublime leadership of the right Honorable Mrs Margeret Beckett (remember her?) have cost our farmers a fortune. Daily they are a plague, their staggering incompetance is bewildering: they have no one to account to and can make up the rules as they go along. If a farmer gets a form wrong then they are punished, have money stopped or are fined yet if the RPA cock-up, which they do quite often, there is no come-back on them what-so-ever.

Farm subsidy system 'in a mess'

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