Aerial ID Real or not

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dextrose, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Came across this on Ebay

    Question was/is this pucker bit of kit or has someone welded a frame together and trying to pull a fast one :?

    directional aerial
  2. can't say i recognise it but if you look at the top right of the set is a large black plastic piece (left of the headset) that is the antenna socket.

    Nothing appears to be attached to it so i'd say a fake especially as the ebay page claims it's a SF antenna, would you want to carry that on convert ops.
  3. sorry if I told you I'd have to kill you afterwards

    (plus I didn't play with those radiofloppy things)
  4. I have seen something similar, however the Dog Section used to use it for the dogs to jump through on Garrison fun days. SAS use my arrse. I'm not even convinced its an antenna.
  5. Looking in the C & S cat they did make a very similar product.
    I would say the item was real.
  6. Not real at all.
  7. I suspect real, but DF rather than SF. Truth is stranger than fiction, as the monopole antenna proves.
  8. A 320 does not DF.
  9. Maybe it's not for a 320?
  10. ^wah hat. Looks balls to me, a fair bit of the energy would be conducted straight down to the floor through the metal legs that are attached straight to the 'antenna' and would probably spin off in random directions. Maybe, probably. Looks cack anyway, and heavy, probably genuine then. Any operator sat next to that, in that arrangement, would probably get toasty RF burns eventually. Guess the set could be further away (like what happens with most setups), but doesn't appear to be any obvious connections.

    Looks like it could make a handy towel rail or clothes airer when out in the field.
  11. True but maybe it was displayed to show scale.
    Half the tat dealers don't know what they are selling anyway.
    The other half don't care.
  12. It looks like an active loop hf recieve antenna that were used by 30 pigs on the 521/522 many moons ago they are normally used in banks of four in a broad or endfire configuration depending on range etc if my memory serves me right. 5 Bde inherrited them in the early 90's with a base station from you know who so the advert is'nt entirely off the mark.
  13. I take the DF point onboard, EW tend to have alot of kit that doesnt make its way into the Corps as a whole. But if it were a DF antenna, surely it would have a way of revolving on its base. If you wanted to DF with that thing, you would have to pick it up and move it around with its lets still attached, hardly an ideal way of moving the antenna onto an RF source!!

    If it is ex British Army, it should have a plate with the NSN etc etched onto it, maybe someone should ask the seller for the ident information from that.
  14. It's a bunch of Arrse. On top of TA_Sig's comments about you losing half the radiation into the ground, the energy draw to radiate from a lump of metal that size would drain the battery of any manpack in seconds.

    Can't see how it's going to work as a DF antenna either to be honest. It may be possible with some very clever electronic trickery, but if you had access to that then you'd be using an infinitely more efficient collector, not a stoneage looking lump like this.

    B-T (aware that he's just outed himself as a Geek)
  15. Check your PMs you airborne god.