Aerial film of London?

pathe news has one, but as you havent said modern or not,it may not be of help.
I need a 20 second clip filmed over London with the camera pointing down at 90 degrees.Any copyright free sources?
You might have a problem with the 'free' aspect of your request. There are one off payment archives that mean you can use the clip as much as you want without further billing.

Should you find some generic aerial footage of London that has no copyright branding it's very difficult for an aggrieved party/owner to prove that they have the rights though. I expect.

By coincidence I got a call asking for some Sarkosy shots from this lot today:

The world's leading provider of archive footage | ITN Source

Sky, BBC and ITN all have camera choppers that are continually rolling on over head shots of London. Unfortunately they have archive rates that would make hiring a helicopter/Wes-Cam and doing it yourself seem financially viable.

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