Aerial Camera?

Hoping someone knows what this is! Someone on another forum I'm part of got this through Freecycle and wants to know what it actually is and if it's an aerial camera, where it would have been used etc

It has the arrowhead symbol, bears the legend Camera Type F60 14A/3541. There's no NSN so assume it must be of some age. It's obviously a 35mm camera and has a bulk magazine.

here's a link to some pics:-¤t=AerialCamera4.jpg

Hope someone can help. I'll put this in QMs and MT as well.


Link not functioning, but that looks to be an RAF section/ref number, which predated NSN as well as being used concurrently for a while, so it could be an aerial camera.
I would say it is too small to be an aerial camera. However could be a gun/bomb sight camera.
probably get more joy from the crabs site.
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