AEC Millitant

Anyone out there own one of these?

Been given the opertunity to do so and was wondering if it's worth it?

!970's model, full papertrail, still original green, purchased by recovery co owner as restoration project but he recently died. Widow now selling up and wants rid.

Been standing in a field for nearly a year but started first time, however takes time to build air. is this normal or a sign of fault?

Any help? :D
Get a 10 gallon drum of fairy liq . Dilute it and smother all the pipework down to the wheels with it. This will at least tell you if you have any leaks.
8) 8) 8) 8)
For Forks Sake - You say its a Militant (Millie); In that case you have a real beast of a truck there. I spent a little bit of time working on them in Bielefeld in the 80s. Me and an unfortunate civvy had to dispose of tons of 'em into war stocks -eeek! Thank Fcuk the Reds gave up and went home. We therefore had to make these gleamin' trucks 100% as possible with little or no spares; sitaution no change there then! We were so proud of our work the last few wagons got a sarcastic copper plate put in them saying something like " VRN 02 FL 43 was overhauled by " insert name" & "insert name" if your need help ring Bielefeld Mil 2753. thinking Nowt of it, until we were both ordered to the ASM's office to take a call from a Cpl FCukwitt asking us if we could help him out with an Air system Fault. This became quite a regular occurrence, to get us back the ASM even whored us out to other units to remedy any faults: if you know the Old AEC MkIII then you'll know how busy we were! As to your dilemma, the Air drives everything, Diff lock, brakes, and even the windscreen wipers so you need to make sure that's right! They weren't super quick at charging the tanks but air leaks were easy identified. Top tip if the relay on the LHF Bumper leaks change the one way valves at the airtanks! Ensure the three air couplings on the back end are correctly stowed! The cab is, or should be ash framed, covered in steel, the truck was so solid that if it hit a tree the tree would fall down and the truck remained unscathed.
It's the recovery version which is why I put it in here, and hoped some of you may have used, or worked on some of them.

Been back to see it and it doesn't look too bad..........

a generic pic for any one not sure.


Heywood_Jablowme said:
I thought you were on about a stroppy officer at the education centre.
Theres 100's of those still serving :wink:
They had no heater, i remember the MOD kit, it were toss, after you fitted it in the footwell the passenger would have nice warm, if not burnt legs and fcuk all else in the truck would be warm. Can remember going through Lage in one of those with a Millie on the back wondering why the Rec Mech floored it going downhill towards the level crossing; until we hit the crossing and I swear we were airborne accompanied by the squeals of delight from the driving seat. Happy Days!

I have seen one of them running along the M3 a few times earlier in the year, well sort of dawdling like they did!
cut my teeth on millies in Bielefeld before we got rid of them for the bedford 8 & 14 ton fleet, many an hour working on the air system. The good thing was if you crashed in them you would survive as that bumper could take out the world.
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