AE302 NATO form

Anyone got any ideas on how to get my hands on the AE302 form. I've got some kit imported from the US which is sat in a German airport with FEdex. The German guy I spoke to informed me I need my ID card and an AE302 form to pick up my kit, and ideas?? If so can I get the form on line anywhere?

For duty-free clearance of shipments destined to US-Military Installations a special customs entry form (AE302) is
required. This form has to be obtained by the consignee from the local military transportation officer. Expect a
minimum of 24hrs delay on these consignments. Shipments to fairs/exhibitions are handed over to a broker, if
they cannot be cleared free of duty. The broker performs final clearance at the fairground and delivers to
consignee, who pays only Duty/VAT."AE302 form"
I've had a glance at (you need to read more carefully)"AE302 form" particularly 2.2 Customs Clearance Process For Germany. It suggests that you may be able to get away with Form EU T-1 ?????

The links in Fed-Ex's guidelines for Germany don't work, but there is a cached result at that may be of some help.

I'm suspecting that you may end up having to find a friendly spam to pick it up for you (committing perjury in the process).

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