AE Model "HUNTER" Sporting Rifle

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by CptDanjou, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]AE Model "HUNTER" Sporting Rifle[/FONT]

    Anyone had anything to do with this model AI? I dont know its weight , in theory it could be good for stalking and LR target , two guns in one ? at £2650 and up its a lot of money .

  2. The AE series is inferior to the AW on a few subtle points (it does not share some features which make the AW so good in sub-zero temperatures, and the action is a little less rigid), and I would argue is not worth the extra sheckles over and above a semi-custom sporting rifle from other sellers.

    The RPA Interceptor is cheaper, and makes for a lovely stalking/target/varmint rifle for the right money.

    Each to their own though- I'm sure the AE will win competitions with the right person driving it.
  3. I am new to this. What makes the AW so good in sub-zero conditions?
  4. Bolt, receiver and lugs are designed to cut ice build-up out of the way so that the lugs return to battery safely. The early models used to function without properly returning to battery but people got sick of chewing on the bolt or pulling it out of their eye sockets so AI very kindly improved the design and headspaced in a more conventional manner. They're much better now.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Its taken us 70 years to redo what Simo Hayek did with a re-barreled Nagant - that's progress for you..... :)
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  6. Yeah I often find my AE jamming at -30 in Bisley

    Oh and the unbonded chassis is a real weakness when I'm dragging it up an Afghan mountainside

    An expensive AW is all you need for those Recreational Assassinations, Sniper Stalks and... oh yeah, 'target shooting' in the UK
    :p ;)
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  7. I agree- my point being that unless you need the capabilities described above you don't need an AW, and if you don't need an AW then the AE is an overpriced rifle offering nothing close to the build quality of an AW or even of some of its lower priced rivals.
  8. In humbly diagree with the quality statement but that's a whole different thread

    The AE was created almost entirely to compete with the semi-custom R700's. I'm sure a few police forces use them but can't think of any?

    RPA's have always been great value - at least until recently.

    To tell the truth I bought AI because of the resale value and the guaranteed quality. Unless you're very experienced/knowledgeable a semi-custom 700 or T3 rifle is a risk (specs/gunsmiths/requirements)

    The AE two stage trigger and smooth action sold it for me. It was a very reliable and high spec rifle straight out of the box
  9. They're nice to shoot so no offence intended :)

    The yank police bought in to the AE massively, but I should think the US manufacturers priced them out before it became the 'must have' rifle for SWAT. Having a factory rifle which was accurate, had a reasonable factory trigger and was associated with military use would have made it an attractive prospect for lawyers if not operators.
  10. Cos you need all that capability when you're shooting 40 yds across the street..
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  11. I'm rather taken with the Desert Tactical Arms SRS - many useful calibres on one chassis - my choice in that kind of spend region. It helps that the importer is a fellow club member, too, of course - that means I often get to shoot one for free.
  12. AE hunter to annoy ghilles and traditionalists because future weapons make them look cool.
  13. Not as cool as this - - shooting pal of mine and his 12 gauge Viper semi-auto - imagine turning up on the gun-line at Lord Snooty's Boxing Day get-together with a Niké track suit, a set of the kid's Micky Mouse ear defenders, and THAT. Be worth it just to see the faces, IMO.
  14. C'mon it's fuggly as ****!
  15. That, Sir, is the whole point. Whether or not you are talking about the AE - a gun that looks as though it was painted by Stevie Wonder using Marmite - or the Viper.
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