advr trg? am i in the wrong army

Ive seen frank on telly .Thats the only place ive seen him!Tour after tour ,Comitment after comitment, Yes sir we"ll do that,and this and that,fight a war ,cover thefiremans strike ,quell the irish,Ambulance strike no problem,massedonia,afghanistan,-Preiously the likes of kosovo,bosnia,falklands and on and on.Why dont someone say enough is enough for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! were not alowed any rights ,were not allowed industrial action-

Yet believe it or not we actually have famillies too, and lives and hopes and kids and would like too keep our marrages alive as well.
I was on the last firemans strike and the last
ambulance strike as well, and in massedonia and afghanistan,so where is my industrial action,are the firemen going to take over my job when i go on strike, wheres my  top pay for time served.
Emergency Servises !We are the emergency services every time civies decide theive had enough ,We cant go on strike though cos apparently we can be shot for mutany  if we try.
Guess what by the way my pay and conditions are far worse than yours,so stop being premadonas and do the job you sighned up for, or take over from me in the line in iraq when i go on strike for a lot less than you !a will swap fireman , you do my job for my pay ,i will do yours for ouur pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christ your spelling is terrible! You're obviously in H "Hat" bty or I "Glider" bty.
Welcome to a mans Army. I suggest you get out mate and have a go at civvie street, it's not all it's cracked up to be ???

As for rights, didn't you read the small print when you took the Queen's shilling? :-[

Took the Money, Take the Sh1t :-*


War Hero
Any EX going off in May that needs a JSMEL?  Willing to pay, just need RV

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