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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JB_2509, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Hi there first time poster long time reader. Basically and obviously I wish to join up but here's where things get shady. I'm now 22 nearly 23 but when I was young up till the age of 17 I had a few bad run ins with the law and have had 2 custodial sentences both for twoc and burglarys no violence or drugs on my record. Both sentences were 4 do 2 months and are now classed as spent. I also haven't been in trouble since and have settled down and have my own family (4 yo lil girl) and wish to give her something to be proud of so as stated wish to join. Only problem being do you think I'm waisting my time? Spoke to recruiter on phone and he said if I haven't been to crown court I'm ok but didn't really say more thhan that so any help or advice on who to ring would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
  2. Speak to the recruiter and work hard.
  3. Go to the recruiting office or do it online. If you can't get in you'll find out pretty early on so not much time wasted.
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  4. I've done abit of research and there's a rehabilitation course but not much more on it got meeting thursday so will hopefully sort it then just wanted general idea. Thanks though.
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  5. They're not the nicest of offences mate, effectively being ones of dishonesty so be prepared for a major grilling on them. As Jarrod / Dingerr say speak to recruiters however I feel you will certainly need to make a compelling case as the armed forces can pretty much pick and choose. Good luck, keep clean and keep trying, it can't hurt.
  6. I know mate if I could go back in time I'd slap myself. Fingers crossed for thursday.
  7. Good luck mate, DON'T downplay it and really make a point of addressing the issue at hand. It's a big elephant in the room so to speak so tackle it and show how different you are now from what you were then.
  8. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    It depends on the age when you went into custody and the establishment. If it was a young offenders institution and you were under 18 (as it suggests in your post) then under the rehabilitation of offenders act they are classed as spent. This means that you still need to declare them as they will show on the Disclosure Scotland paperwork you will complete later in the process. If you fail to disclose them now and they show up on the disclosure report your application can be rejected. As has been said, be honest and show remorse. As they are spent they are not a bar to enlistment.
  9. Thanks for the info mate already said to recruitment officer on phone abit about it and he said that we can use my age as a trump card. Also mentioned something about a rehabilitation course they run and we can mention that on it aswell. Bricking it though for tommorow as all I want is too join to do something with my life and give my children a real role model instead of a jeremy kyle applicant. Thanks though for all the info guys and hopefully some good news tommorow.
  10. Good Attitude can go a long way in your favour
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  11. Prepare for the worst outcome but hope for the best.
  12. Speak to the recruitment team, I know of a few lads that had a way ward youth and then chose life in green and they joind up worked hard and have had or are still haveing a great career. So donig a bit of porridge is not all ways a bar to entry. Good luck
  13. Yeah I've read up on the interveiw process and realise EVERYmeeting should be treated as a interveiw. Therefor going to be going in suit and give as much information on my past and what I've been doing since try and outweigh the negatives. Hopefully it worksout thanks for advice though mate.
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  14. A pity that there's no King's Regiment anymore.
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  15. Try the French - no seriously.