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Morning all,

I am 25 and working in the oil and gas industry at the moment, coming from an army background. I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to find anything that comes close to the challenges posed by life in the Army, and have really noticed the difference between civilian life and the life the that I was exposed to as a young lad. So I have decided that I am going to apply to be an officer in the Signals. I have 3 A levels, however a D in GCSE maths, so I am going to sit this part time. What I need advise on is what else I can do in the time it is going to take to sit this qualification to help my chances of passing the AOSB? Will my age and the fact I binned uni after a few months play a negative factor as well? University just wasn’t for me.

Lots of people ask that sort of question here, however the best place to get an answer is from an Army Careers Advisor. Go see them and they will give you a push in the right direction.
"Advice" is probably a better place to start.

But read the other threads, there is already a "Do I have enough qualifications" thread going on. The advice there will be the same; go to your Army Careers Advisor. If you're a good bloke, smart and well presented they might suggest you go along to AOSB.

You'll never know until you try out.
Cheers, as a stinking civvy in a subsea company my daily tasks are so critical and urgent that last thing folk worry about is spelling, I guess the years here have taken their toll :thumright:
heheh sorry that really made me chuckle :)

It must be infuriating msr to constantly pick out peoples mistakes on here msr, although i love the Marvin the paranoid android style you have.

I'm in a similar position to you ultra, I wish you the best of luck, for both our sakes
nistrum said:
Reminds me of the kind of thing the android in hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy might say. Its a sort of "I know he wont listen, but ill tell him anyway" post.
1) What have you got against apostrophes?

2) Go back and re-read your previous post.


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