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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by evil belly, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. ill nail my colours to the mast here and say my slight brush with the defence forces came when
    being given a lecture about flushing out a sniper, standard proceedure was to order one of the
    men to run across a piece of open ground to see where the blatter was...i looked at the fellah
    giving the lecture and said to myself **** this for a game im out.
    anyway 20 odd years on i would discourage my three boys from joining the army seeing the
    serious amounts of cuntbaggery ploiticos go on with
    i think you lads and ladies have been handed an impossible task in afghanistan and iraq
    trying to be police men and when the shit flys watching the people that sent you there
    running for cover.
    i myself am self employed and i can tell you as the owner of a business
    the last bloke to get paid is me, i would discourage my kids from working for themselves as you are on your
    own the law protects the worker not the owner of the company
    anyway knowing what you know now would you encourage your kids to join up
    and follow in your foot steps
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  2. Another repeated thread.
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  3. are ALL your posts as dull and boring and negative as that?
  4. You're a thief.
  5. I'd teach them how to spell and use punctuation.
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  6. When will you get into that brain cell of yours that you are mistaken as to my identity? What evidence do you think you have to make false accusations?

    Put up or Shut up.
  7. The same applies to you.
  8. Bugger. Beat me to it, Sluggy :)
  9. sorry snail
    its been a while since i left school
    usually grammar and punctuation arent required for writing cheques or bills of lading
    but thanks for the advice
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  10. How do you work that out?

    The onus is on other people to provide evidence. Jarrod needs to be aware that I could claim hundreds of thousands of pounds pounds in damages.
  11. I'm sorry is that your solicitor at my door?
  12. Hahahahahaha you fat throbber.
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  13. Nah! You should claim you're Elvis.
  14. Is that right?

    You accused him also. Bear that in mind.

    Oooh, Jarrod, we could get another car and mebbe buy me a pony with those thousands and thousands of pounds.

  15. Oh **** off, shit breath. Who are you going to call? Internet Lawyers For You?
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