Advise required....


I am in the TA and just completed my Taff1 weekend, I had to a 1.5 mile run, I did this 13 min, I am 23 and understand this was poor score.

I have to do my Taff2 weekend on the 24th of November, and have to do the 1.5 mile again to see if I have improved, because of this I have started running on the road ( rather then on a treadmill) and doing a 4 mile run or so every other day.

I am now feeling a pain in my calve muscle and imnot sure what to do, should I carry on running? I have not done so in a few days and hate sitting around doing nowt, if its not advisable to run, what about going to the gym and using a cross trainer? Or swimming?
I would suggest you stay off the roads for a week. Go to the gym and warm up on the rowing machine for 20mins, X trainer for 20 mins and finish off with a light cycle ride for 30 mins. That should cover the 4 mile road runs, however you cant beat hitting the hills out side so as soon as you feel up to it get back out there. 13 mins is not great but atleast you know what you are working with. Good luck. :wink:

From a SPSI
You could try running on grass or tracks.

It may be your caves are just not used this stress yet.

If you are obese you should try and lose weight as this will just compound the problem.

Walking or hill walking or any outdoor exercise at this time of year will help weight loss considerably. Which will reduce stress on calves an make reduce running effort,

I would not bother with rowing machine or cycling for improving running. They work different muscles which would just add dead weight if doing seriously in your case it would likly just causes stiffness that would hinder form slow progress.

Try running on softer surfaces and loss weight.
From what your saying it kinda sounds like what i get after a couple of days hard exercise. If its pain in the middle inside of the calve i would just say after finishing running etc.. have a really good stretches. And maybe leave running out the next day.
you should try swimming alongside running.

i have no problems doing a run and a swim in the same day. will improve your fitness more then run one day, swim the next.
well about 6 weeks ago i started running 1.5 miles after not much now im down to 10 30s to 10 15s after my original was 12 45

did 1.5 miles every night after work at 11pm and did gym 2 to 3 days a week of cardio for around an hour, i guess it doesnt seem much but i feel ive lost weight and fitness is ALOT better.

now doing my 1.5 mile runs and sometimes doing 2.5 miles instead jsut to vary it.

found that running in my local woods is fun jsut for fitness
hope this helps a little xD