advise on things to do i.e jobs

Ive just got a Cat 1 at AOSB now waiting on my main board,
so obviously may intake for Sandhusrt is out, and realistically septembers gunna be a big push what with all the uni grads "riding out the recession" in the forces so realistically if i pass main board im not going anywhere till january.
im stuck in a call centre job and literally beating my head against the wall with boredom.
was thinking about rejoining the T.A, but to do that id have to jack the job in as i work six days a week till 9pm.
just thought id throw myself at the Arrses mercy to see what you guys thought i should do for the next 9 months.
'stick it out' is the option im with at the moment, but i miss being a weekend warrior!
Suggestions please!


Micky_Blue said:
the joys of using the internet in work while your mangers in front of you!
grammer goes out the window!
Manger? Sure you're not working in a stable?
I am spurred on by the fact that some one else who works a tough, thankless civvie office job, that doesn’t care about grammar whilst on a message board has got a CAT 1. I am awaiting my first interview with ACA(O) and have been worrying that my current status as an office monkey would work against me!
loving the abuse guys, my grammar sucks and i know it!
but im a mean "arrse" phys machine and ive got my main board in 3 days!
i was bricking it due to well to put it lightly smoking and drinking way to much,
ive been training again for about 2 months and its all good hitting 13.5 average on bleeps.
to ultra99 just do what i did if your banging your head against the wall, leave the job, its seriously not good to be trying to focus on improving yourself mentally and physically ready for AOSB. i left that job (with great joy) and found myself a kushty little job working at an airsoft centre for those of you who dont know what that is (no doubt the gammar nazis who still remember the "old days")its paintball with high powered BB rifles. what a laugh! i spend the week either promoting the centre or i'm testing the rifles!, then on fri/sat/sun i marshall the "pros!" every time it results in a "swift pint" afterwards all of them are ex servicemen/police/likeminded people and what a laugh! perfect for when im asked "what am i doing with myself at the moment?"

Gammar away!
I know how you feel, I am looking at a 2011 May entry to Sandhurst, and that is only if I do not get a long delay after briefing, and I finished uni about three months ago, haha long long wait. Personally I would just keep my head down and do some more physical training, perhaps look for a more stimulating job. I would not do anything that big like the TA, simply because you do not want to get yourself injured before Sandhurst. its time to start looking after yourself so you are in peak condition.

Also I would not simply assume graduates are trying to ride out the recession, I think the huge boost in people wanting to get into the military is that there are real wars to fight now, I know I would not be joining up if I thought I would be sitting on my arse for the next few years.

I personally do not think having bad grammar is that terrible of a sin, but if you need to work on it I would advise starting a diary (I know it sounds cheesy) but you would be amazed how quickly your grammar will improve when you actually write 300-500 words every day without a computer to correct everything for you. I believe you are actually advised to do the same when you get into Sandhurst to improve your handwriting.

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