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Hello fellas, I know theres a few of us out there. Im jumping ship and am going on a recce the next 6 weeks.

Can anyone give me some advice on what to check out up the east coast, Im going to Sydney, Brisbane, Cairnes and the gold/sunshine coast.

Im mainly interested in hot property and hot beaches with good surf and diving, ideally with a dropzone/aerodrome nearby, and easy women with plenty of frantic nightlife.

Any advice appricated gents....
Sydney is great.

Aim for the Rocks, the Old Sydney holiday in is a pretty good hotel, Taronga Zoo is good, Luna Park is a bizarre, 1930s style amusement park updated a bit. Oldest pub in Sydney ( if not Oz ) is the Fortune o War, near the Holiday Inn.Tooheys New is the best beer.

Brisbane is weird - like time stopped in the 1950s and they suddenly thought "time for a couple of skyscrapers".

Lucky sod.
i disagree, new is sh1t, hahn premium is the way ahead, dont spend too much time in and around sydney, its just another big city, the tourist traps ie bondi and coogee are full of cnut backpackers (english and irish i'm ashamed to say) and the assorted scum that rob/batter them. down the coast from sydney is lovely, around wollongong etc, definitely sky diving, quieter beaches, and some reasonable diving. cairns is another big backpacker destination so be careful with sky diving/diving outfits there are some real cowboys, feel free to pm me and i will try to give you some specifics


Don't listen to him, get your self into that water with a bat and club one to death.

B*stards murdered our Stevo.
Go up to Kings Cross in Sydney and get a dose off of one of the hookers.
Aussi girls go like steam trains and the blokes cant drink as much as they like to think.
Stay away from other Brits and just mix with the locals and you will get a better view of it rather than the rose tinted glasses view of most Brits.
I worked there for a year -it's a good place but not Great like mostr think.
Three words prevent me from upping sticks and butlering in Oz

Huge Frikkin Spiders

Nuff Said :omfg:
Brisbane is the way forward, good weather (climate like florida) cold beer and lots of good looking ladies that wear next to nothing in summer! downside is the city has goat tracks for roads so commuting is a pain however i m now bike born so not a drama, PM me if you want more info
Sydney is a beautiful place but try Melbourne down the coast a bit - Sydney for grown-ups. Once in Melbourne keep following the coast around on the Great Ocean Road, some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the world.

Take a trip up into the Blue Mountains near Sydney and check out the Three Sisters in Katoomba (no, not a pub) but remember, it can get cold there. They do a lot of canyoning, abseiling, bush walking etc, there.

North of Sydney, Byron Bay is a hippyish surf town. If you are looking for somewhere to chill out and take off the squaddie head then this is the place to do it. Also check out the nearby Nimbin!

Magnetic Island is a little piece of paradise. I stayed at a hostel which was literally on the beach. You'll find that all up the east coast the scenery is straight out of a travel brochure

Try some sailing off the Whitsnday Islands. It's a fantastic way to relax.

Frazer Island is a must but go on a guided tour rather than a self-drive. It was about the best trip I had while I was in Oz.

When you get to Cairns as well as the scuba diving (another must - take a waterproof camera), try a tour of the rainforest.

Lonely Planet do an East Coast Australia guide book. Well worth the money.
For quality of life try Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Drop me a PM if you fancy meeting up for a beer or if you want any particular advice on recruitment consultants etc to speak to whilst you are out here to get a feel for the jobs market.

I agree with Rich17. Avoid Sydney, avoid back packers and blend in with local people as much as you can.

It's a pity you're staying on the well-trodden east coast path but good luck. I've had nothing but good experiences in Aus.

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