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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by karens1969, Jun 20, 2010.

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  1. my 15 year old son who had his heart set on going to Harrogate in september has managed to get all the way through to his selection at Litchfield , he did the 2 days and everything that was required of him, yet it got to the interview and was deferred for 6 months becase of it. His school report ( which we knew wasnt going to praise him to the hilt absolutly slated him stating he was a liar, trouble maker etc yet ok he was not the model student, and was never excluded from school and certainly want all that his report made him out to be and as for being a liar and violent never was. The nly thing he was ever guilty of was being cheeky to the teachers ( not a good thing i know) and sticking up for kids that were less able than others at school.
    It seems apparent that he was judged before he even got in the gate, however his recruiting officer was aware of his report yet still treated him imaprtially and as an individual as he believed that he would thrive and make a good soldier.
    Due to this deferral that the captain made he has to wait 6 months before he can go to selection again and has to do a prince of wales thing to show that he is not bad tempered, can hold his temper etc, but do to the length of time he has to wait it means he will be too old to get into Harrogate and will have to be asssessed as an\ adult enttrant, is there any way that he could appeal against the lenth of deferral
  2. What is wrong with him going in as an adult entrant?
  3. 15 is far too young to join the army.

    He can aspire to it though. Just tell him to knuckle down at school, and as Detonator said, join up as an adult.

    FFS you will have him up a chimmney next.
  4. as for climbing up a chimney that comment was not called for, its not me that is forcing him into it it is simply his choice and his choice alone .
    I posted this for advice to see if there is any way that he can appeal against the decision
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Tell him its the first of many tests and its a great opportunity to learn how to "Man the fuck up". If what you have said is true and I have no reason to not believe you, then he has to learn that even if the authority figure is a complete cunt you still have to respect them even when they don't deserve it. Which in the case of teachers is more often than not.

    There are some Junior Nco's that are good and some that are Nobs, there are some senior Nco's who are good and some that are nobs and believe it or not there are some officers that are good and some that are nob's. Your son needs to learn that when he starts he is at the bottom of the food chain below pond life. Respect is earned not given out free with breakfast cereals.Also when he starts its a one way street those who rank above him have already proven themselves and are due respect, he hasn't proven anything and won't get any.

    Lifes little injustices! Yep the army is full of them too people who get shit even though they shouldn't. Your son will need to learn that sometimes there are things going on above and beyond his line of sight and that he should keep his nose out. that doesn't mean that he stops helping people who need help just that he doesn't gob off to anyone higher in the chain of command.

    As for DOE tell him to do it. It will be good for him, he will enjoy it and he will grow from it.

    Lastly, appeal? Its the Army its not a Democracy there is not appeal. If he tries it will be seen as whining and whinging.
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Er No there isnt.
  7. why is it always the teachers are wrong , need to take rose tinted glasses off when looking at own kid
  8. from my experience he would be better of going in away from the junior entry as 90% of the soldiers that i have worked with from there have got a big chip on sholder and find it hard fitting in with the older pte soldiers when they get to regiment. so pirbright winchester or catterick in my opinion
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    we'll some times its easier to make a generalisation than to sort the wheat from the chaff. And in this case teachers are cunts until proven otherwise.
  10. Karen, as a mum of 4 sons aged 19 - 29 I feel in some way qualified to comment from the parent view point. I think what he and you both have to realise is that the report is another's perception of your son and his behaviour. As parents we are not there 24/7 and don't see how our children behave but when they have interaction with others they are not always seen in the best light.

    I think he needs to take this as a wake up call. Firstly the arrogance of youth makes them think that everyone else is at fault and they did nothing wrong. It is part of the maturing process for them to realise how their behaviour is perceived and affects their life choices. He needs to use this opportunity to his advantage and basically prove the doubters wrong, work hard and move on from the less than favourable report. His recruiter has obviously seen him as he is and thought he was ready to enlist. He is looking to move from a childhood world where is is top dog (later years of high school) to the lowest rung of the ladder and in an adult environment. There is no room for naivety and passing of blame, he won't get through basic with that attitude.

    If as you say he has been looking out for others then with a bit of retraining in his approach he will make a great team player. If a military career is what he wants then it will be worth working towards and waiting for.

    Finally...! As his mum you have to accept that he may behave in a manner that others find disrespectful or inappropriate and he has to learn to live with the consequences of his actions. As he is still at school you might want to approach the guidance department and see what options there are for review of the report once he has completed the course that has been suggested.

    I wish you both well.
  11. Firstly the ADSO at ADSC WILL NOT just judge him on his 485 (school reference) he will look at firstly his recruiters and Senior Recruiters interview reports. Now in this current climate your son would of not got down therewithout them thinking he had a chance.
    The whole selection procedure which I have seen first hand is based on what your son has done on his 2 days ADSC and due to comments on his school report the ADSO would of monitored what your son is like in a team enviroment by comments from SNCO's and JNCOs who would of all worked at some time as ATR NCOs ( so are experienced at what qualities individuals need)
    The ADSO would of seen that there is some good in your lad but also certain aspects of your sons performance and attitude would of had the alarm bells ringing...especially think of our standards..Integrity, selfless Commitment, DISCIPLINE, loyalty etc..etc..
    The reccomendations from the ADSO cannot be appealed against but must be adhered to so get him on different team building courses and if he gets good reports get him back into his Recruiter so around December this year he can hopefully get back to ADSC and proves hes shown the willingness to listen to advice and improve.

    You said your sons 15 still then if thats right he can still make the Harrogate intake for January 2011 or if going a tech trade Winchester in Jan, Feb, March for junior entry.

    As said though take your rose tinted specs off and sit down with your son and discuss how important all this is to him.if your both willing to listen to advice and do whats asked then Im sure he will do well.
  12. What's wrong with sending him up chimneys? A jobs a job!
  13. Karren

    Having instructed at Harrogate I offer you these thoughts:

    Harrogate takes a selection of young men/ladies and invests a lot of time and effort in trying to better prepare them for the Army.

    Part of this is a package of education to ensure that their literacy, numeracy and IT skills are up to speed - probably better than the average adult soldier will have. This is delivered by CIVILIAN members of staff, so courtesy to them is paramount if he is to avoid disrupting his own/others education and wasting resources.

    In the current and predicted future climate the Army can be picky about who it takes - If the powers that be want him to do a "...prince of wales thing..." he should do it, there will be plenty of others willing to show their committment to joining up!