Advise needed on 15 Bde

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. I have been asked to go to 15 Bde as a recruit instructor(I do it at my unit) for a 2 year posting, it means that i can't do any weekends with my parent unit for 2 years only tuesday nights.
    What i am wondering is should i give up the weekends with my unit for 2 years to go to 15Bde.
    Has anyone done this in the past and what they thought of it.


  2. Check your pms!
  3. Why bot do what I do; most of the Bde weekends plus when my company need old duffers to make the young blokes look fit, I turn out for those weekends as well.

    I remain on the books of my Company - the RTT I pester is heavily supported by visiting instructors.
  4. I enjoy instructing, I get a lot out of seeing recruits develop. You'd be working on earlier stages of recruit development than me I'm sure you'd enjoy that (seeing how much you've improved the recruits ability).
  5. people I know have been there and enjoyed it. They have trained with their parent unit when the RTC was not training. Also if they didnt need any more instructor qualifications they have been able to go on camp with their parent unit if they wanted to (although you dont need to do a camp to get bounty at an RTC). it is something different as well. Rarely in the TA can you train with loads of different cap badges and get a great deal of job satisfaction as well as develloping people every weekend. Try it, you wont know if it is for you until you have!