Advise needed for long time AWOL bloke

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tenbob, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    What is the likely outcome if an individual has been AWOL for 5 years and suddenly decides to speak with someone at the unit, to try and sort out the situation? I presume a discharge would likely follow, however, would this automatically bar him from re-enlisting with a TA unit?

    I know this sounds f....d up!!! but, i buggered off from the unit only after a few weeks after joining them from phase II training, basically cause i was finding life in the barracks boring. I was 25 on joining the unit and did explain to an officer about my concerns, but did not feel as though they were not i left.

    I have spent the last 5 years at university, so i've not exactly spent the time being doing nowt, and now that i've finished uni, i would like to sort out my AWOL issue with the army, and hopefully join a TA unit.

    I know this is a weird situation, but have always thought about going back and sorting things out, but after getting into uni, did not want to screw that up as well. Now that i've finished my degree, i'm wandering if i try an speak to someone at the unit (e.g. adjutant or CO, etc), and tell them that i would like to join the TA, something can be done?

    Any advice on this issue would be really appreciated, Cheers.

    Speak to the army welfare service, they are senior ranks trained for welfare issues. They'll assist you in what will be an awkward time. You may get an admin discharge (more then likely) or worse, I doubt that though.

    I wouldn't count my chickens with the TA but who knows!

    Best of luck!
  3. They obvously missed you then......
  4. I would have thought that you will get an 'SNLR' discharge. Services No Longer Required. This will debar you from the TA, but in any case, not withstanding what you have done whilst AWOL, no unit in their right mind would want someone back on strength after being absent for 5 years. The Army will take the viewpoint that you attested to the colours and then legged it because, in your own words, 'I was bored'. What did you think you were joining FFS? The boy scouts?

    You didn't learn to spell whilst at University either did you?
  5. Hope you've still got everything that you signed for.
  6. We had an ex-reg who tried to join, after a period of AWOL (admittedly not 5 years), good all-round soldier but f***ed up a bit with theAWOL. TA (as usual) buried its head in the sand and although he got some support from the troop commander and AO, the OC wasnt interested. I suspect it depends on how you present your AWOL, how it is written up and what unit you try to join.
  7. Doesn't make sense to me that you would join up and then realise, after all the training (and trained as what, btw? Any specialisation, or infantry, or what?) and all the time in the military, that it wasn't for you. Sure you didn't do some specialised training and then pull a fast one? Also, five years in Uni? You do a medicine degree or something?
  8. How did you manage to get into further education, as a mature student, partly funded by the tax payer whilst you were AWOL from the Army? You must have had to work to pay your way through Uni, didnt you pay tax or NI on your wages? How the hell didnt the Army know where you were. What an obscure situaiton.

    You should get your situation sorted out asap, giving you a chance to get on with life. Take the bull by the horns, and tip up at the camp gates, you'll know your fate soon enough that way!!
  9. Cheers for the replies. But i take it that the bottom line is that i need to contact the unit first before i do anything?
  10. Get to your old unit, and be honest with them about whats been happening. They obviously weren't too upset, or else they would've done more to find you, so you shouldn't be treated too harshly.
  11. You're bang on, the crazy thing is that i have had 1- state funding (as all students are entitled to) to go to uni
    2- Tax deducted from part-time work while a student
    But also, it's not as if i'm living a covert life, they could contact me when they want???
  12. When was the last time you went AWOL?
  13. Every time ops come up! :D

    Never, obviously, just think if the bloke pitches up and tells them what's been happening, they won't chuck him behind bars. Why, you think that he'll be treated harshly?
  14. No, I don't have a clue, much like yourself. Which is why I'm not offering him advice.
  15. Like i said earlier, i went back and spoke to an officer about my situation, and was very honest. Is it possible that as i was only with the unit for such a short-time, that they have said 'sod it, he aint interested, were better off without him', and done very little in getting me back (e.g. telling civilian police)?