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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by RoyalEngineers, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. I was just wondering, to put it into perspective in my mind, as personally i've never done it, at what physical standard you must be theoreticly to pass the spirometry test.

    As I have never untaken it, I know that you need to obtain certain readings and such like, but I can't know whether I can reach these levels.

    What I am hoping for is some sort of indication as to how fit I must be to pass, for example does running 1.5 miles in [x] minutes indicate a good chance in passing the test, or does the fact that you can't run 400m without stopping to catch your breath suggest that you're in good stead of failing. I know that it isn't a particularly easy thing to answer, and the answer I am looking for isn't really professional, or medical, but I am hoping that I can atleast paint a picture of where I should be at. I know it isn't something to worry greatly about, I would just like to understand.

    Thanks for reading, hope you can help and sorry if I was confusing anywhere. And by the way I am not fretting or worrying in any way, i've been informed it's easy, but that's from people that passed it :p
  2. spirometry test isnt a pass or fail, its simply a way of measuring your lung capacity.

    Now take a deep breath, seal your lips and blow until you see the stars!

    get yourself in the swimming pool and see how far you can swim under water with one breath. Its taken me three months, but I can swim a length on one breath. Thats me exercising and increasing my lung function
  3. How can people fail then or get rejected due to it :x Or am I wrong? If so, sorry, and more advise/ info please, every little helps even if you DO think i'm a scrot.
  4. If you're fairly healthy then you should pass the lung function test. It can pick up on any respiratory problems you may have. The people who fail are probably unfit, or have a respiratory problem. I wouldn't worry about it! Just don't have a tongue stud in, cos it makes it harder to do (I used to have regular spirometry at work, they got worried when it dropped, but that's just cos I'd had my tongue pierced).
  5. What about people with a history of asthma who are now clear? What are the medical staff hoping to assess there? Lung capacity and thus deeming fit or unfit for service? Thanks
  6. I doubt that spirometry can be used as a standalone test to guage whether a person is fit/unfit for service, a poor result should result in further investigations
  7. Thanks for that, that clears things up. I assume further investigations mean, say for example, deferrals or along those lines?

    Anyway, I personally assume that I shouldn't worry as I can comfortably manage, in my opinion, and I never "suffered" as such in the past.
  8. That depends on your personal circumstances, for example a soldier in training who is underperforming and has a poor spirometry test result could quite possibly get deferred, as could a someone trying to join. A serving soldier would have a completely different set of circumstances. Basicallly if you are fit and can pass all your mandatory fitness tests then you shouldn't worry about spirometry. It is a medical diagnostic tool.