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Discussion in 'Officers' started by jonnybravo, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, basically I have reached a point in my life where I want to follow my dream; something I did not do when younger for a number of reasons.

    I want to seriously have a bash at becoming a commissioned officer (prob withing RLC as a Troop Commander). Here's the crack, I'm 29, not 30 till Christmas so just within the are requirement for TC in RLC, but don't have the basic GCSE or A Level quals. I do have other quals though;

    GCSE x 11 (4 graded A-C; Maths was a D)
    AS Level Business Studies
    GNVQ L2 Business
    NVQ L2 Sales
    NVQ L4 HR Management (only the 2 units in Training & Development)
    NEBS Introductory Cert in Management
    NEBS Certificate in Management

    And in 2004 I became a Member of the Chartered Management Institute - the academic standard required is a Management qualification at degree level with at least 3 years exp

    I have work experiance as a dept manager within a multi million pound organisation as well as having been a Director of 2 companies with up to 30 employees - just to give you an idea of my background.

    I have received a number of conflicting opinions on my chances, from a Brig who said "not a chance, without GCSE and A levels" to two commissioned friends who have said that the experiance, Chartered membership and management quals would combine to outweigh the lack of "right" grade GCSE and A levels.

    Does anyone have any experiance of the qualification process or requirements?

    Any advise; thanks a lot.
  2. The first piece of advice that might help would be to learn how to spell "experience", officers these days are expected to highly litterate.

    The next thing to do is ask your question at your nearest AFCO.
  3. Sorry mate, 'A' levels are required along with GCSE grades C or higher in Maths and English.
  4. The advice was on the training need, then he should be advised to visit the AFCO, content?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    You might like to go along to your local TA unit and speak to them.

  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    Unfortunately I think you may be too old for the regular army but could still go for the TA and pace what others have said the qualification requirement is A minimum of 35 ALIS points for the best subjects at GCSE or equivalent which is to say A minimum of 35 ALIS points for the best 7 subjects at GCSE or equivalent which must include English Language, Mathematics and either a Science subject or a Foreign Language at grade C or better. Plus 180 UCAS Tariff points acquired in separate subjects at AS and A level equivalent to include a minimum of 2 passes at A Level at grades A-E or equivalent.

    You would need to work out if your quals matched that requirement.
  7. A chap I was talking to last week had just passed his AOSB main board and is now 28. He was told by Sandhurst that he must come through the gates and start the CC before his 29th birthday. As far as I am aware the the only exceptions to this are if you are professionaly qualified ie. Dr or lawyer then you can be upto 35 I think. My advice would be to either go to your local army careers office and ask there, or call AOSB/Sandhurst and get it straight from them. In all honesty I think the ship has sailed for you to be an officer in the regular army, TA may be your best bet now.
  8. Paymaster,

    but not too literate!!!
  9. Jonny bravo,
    First things first - Quals, exceptions will always be made for individuals with usable and transferable skills. The basic requirments for officer entry can be graded on a case by case basis especially for people who have several years experience elsewhere than university (otherwise soldiers/JNCOs serving would not allowed into RMAS, they are selected on their skills and potential)
    Register you interest at
    Go through the form and you will be sent the information packs / DVDs on the elements you are interested in. Make sure you select 'Officer' and 'TA' as well as potential regimental interests you have.
    Also go to this link
    To fing your nearest Army Careers Office (ACO) or Armed Forces Information Office (AFCO) and phone them to arrange an interview at your convinience, or ask for the contact details of the Officer Recruiting Officer (read on for more details)
    When you go for an interview make it very clear what you wish to achieve, i.e. Officer entry. Ask for the contact details for the Officer Recrutment Officer for your region. They do not work in ACOs and will usually work independantly to the recruting staff you meet.
    Once you get into contact with this peson they will be able to give you the best advice and direction specific to officer entry. Also they will have a full understanding of the value of your education and qualifications balanced with your experience.

    You need to know the following. Age, exceptions can be made for candidate sthat show very high potential. Quals, as before. Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) still needs to be done; due to your age they will expect a high level pof maturity and ability to prove you are worth sending to Sandhurst. Any grade or pass given at AOSB can be carried through for a TA commission recomendation.

    Finally try not to be disapointed if they say no. exceptions will be made but only up to a point.

    Be smart, be confident, be yourself.
    Good luck
  10. Two points:

    1. You require 5 GCSEs A-C, including English and Maths: answer retake your GCSE Maths and get a C. You don't need 'A' Levels per se but you do need the appropriate number of UCAS points.

    2. You need to be starting at RMAS before your 30th birthday.

    Your best bet is to go to an AFCO, get the answer from the horse's mouth and also go and have a look at the TA.

    Good luck.
  11. Being literate is important as well 8)