Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by washedup, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. Been under Sickness Absense Management Team for the last year after becoming ill, my personal kit and belongings moved to new posting while I stayed put. Have now received medical discharge and made numerous calls to the unit I served 21 years with for return of personal belongings and money I had paid into Sgts Mess presentation fund. No response to phone calls so have written to the RSM and Treasurer to no avail. Does anyone know what my next line of enquiry should be?
  2. This may be something you've already checked, but are the unit deployed at the moment? Are you sure they're still located where they were when you left?

    Again, I know you've probably thought of those already, but hope it helps.

  3. They were deployed but I spoke to numerous people on rear party who promised the world but didnt deliver. Waited a decent amount of time after they had returned but still no joy, Even got my liason officer within SAM team to speak to them and they still havent complied. I feel just because I am getting out that they arent bothered. However the kit is mine along with about three years payments into a presentation fund that has not been action considering I have been away from them for over a year.
  4. Could your MP help you out,or the RBL for your area? Or as a last resort a letter to your local newspaper?
    Good luck.
  5. I didnt want to go that route due to loyalty to a Battalion that I have served 21 years with. I have written again to the RSM and if there is no answer this time I might have to consider the options mentioned.
  6. What about your Battalions loyalty to you? It does go both ways and it sounds as if they have forgotten that. Another letter explaining that if you do not get what you are entitled to, you will have to take it up with RBL, MP and Soldier magazine should get the desired result.

  7. Without knowing your location and that of your unit... Would a visit to the unit not sort the situation out, you could deal direct with the mess treasurer for money owed, QM Dept about kit and then pop in and thank the RSM for all his assistance!
  8. Unfortunately due to the condition of my illness and the distance involved I am unable to visit my ex unit and have to revert to letters. Needless to say I have copied all correspondence so that no one can claim ignorance at a later date. Looks as if local MP or Soldier might have to be approached.
  9. Before going outside "the family" you could go up the chain. Adjutant, CO, Regimental Secretary or Colonel of the Regiment. If you have left the Regimental Secretary might be worth a try.
  10. As a last resort-retaining someone's personal posessions and/or money against their wishes probably constitutes theft.
  11. As said before your old Regiment should have your best interests at heart. Go down the Adjt, 2i/c and CO route stating that you have tried x amount of times but have had no responce. Tell them who you have tried to ask for help and that it is not on after all the time spent within your Regiment to be treated like this. I would at the end inform them that if you do not recieve a responce in x amount of days that you will have no option but to take the matter further and inform Soldier, MP, SSAFA (anyone who will cause Sh*t). Hope this helps.
  12. regimental association or somesuch? failing that - surely you have mates still in who can go chat to the RSM / CO on your behalf?

    don't think the comments about your local MP / theft are particularly helpful. sure you can sort it out within the family.

    (unless you're a pariah in your old regiment? you telling us the whole story?)
  13. Whole story quoted as a CSgt with time served I have tried all means at my disposal for recovery. If letters to persons in question are not answered I,m sure anyone intervening on my behalf would not have much joy. So it looks as if I will have to go outside the "family".

    If this is a family regiment, the family must have been the Borgias!