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  1. Hi all, very new around here, but ready to get firmly stuck in.

    I clicked the button and sent the application off yesterday, found you guys while researching around the net some more and have been reading up more and more.

    I'm leaving no time to waste on getting fit, already starting a regime, partly found through this and partly going by what I myself need. So I'm somewhat confident I'll get myself up to scratch and stay that way.

    The thing thats bothering me is the medical area. I was diagnosed with eczema as a child, though from that I've never seen anything more than being fair skinned and slightly flakey, never caused me any problems. Reading around I've judged that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    But not all too long ago, I'd been under-the-weather on and off for about a year with sickness. I had the tests such as a gastroscopy, which found nothing wrong with me in the way of stomach ulcer or harmful bacteria. I don't feel I was put down for stress. I'm just wondering if anyone has any clue whether this might set me back.


  2. You clicked the button????????

    So you haven't been to the army careers office?
  3. Hey delta, the thing you did online is not an application form, it's just a load of suitability questions. Pop down your local afco and have a chat with them. Gives you a much better feeling for joining up.
  4. i agree, get down your carrers office, if you applied online from armyjobs website, all they do is get you an appointment at a carrers office anyway. Save yourself time and get down there.
  5. Just turn up as theres no need for an appointment.