The children's (and my) much loved mog was killed by the local pit bull yesterday.

What should be done about this? The solution should be either covert or clandestine.
ultimately its your choice, but I would suggest, tracking down the pitbulls owner to his known address, (its not the dogs fault they are ruthless animals, its the owner for not keeping the thing undercontrol), then stake out the place, a week or two, find out as much as you can about this guy what he likes, where he goes, when hes not in the house, location of the dog if left on the premises is a big one, you get the picture, when hes known to be out of the house, you could do with your own dicking screen aswell or at least one look out, break into his house via the back and cover his entire house with sh*t you know the score, down the sofa, in the back of the TV everywhere, you will have collected this Sh*t from a public toilet in a bucket, (whilst working under the false pretences of been a cleaner) that way if any DNA tests are carried out, it will completely throw the old bill off track, smash his house to pieces taking care to personnel items, ie family photos any heirlooms, if the dog is in all the better, lure it with meat until it gains your trust before you cut its head off, smear its blood allover the walls, tear it limb from limb and leave them in different places around the house, and with the head id put it in the toilet with the lid left down, after pulling the eyes out which you can then post to him weeks or maybe even months later if you choose, for this operation id wear a full paper suit, covered in a plastic suit, you should shave all your body hair off, wear NBC boots, that you have melted the soles down on so they dont know the origin of your footwear, a thick pair of gloves covered in latex a good idea aswell, it may sound extreme but he did (indirectly) kill your cat!!!
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