Looking for a bit of advice on what to do next. I left the RAF in early 2006 after 7 years as an Ground Electrical Engineer (Trade group 5) since leaving ive been working as a self employed electrical technician, with most of my work being involved in working overseas (where I am at present).

After reading the thread on Rig Jobs, that does interest me.

Im looking for advice from guys with my trade background, REME etc who are in the Civvy job market. Im looking at returning to the UK but not sure as to the requirement of my trade in UK Civvy St....any pointers in the right direction regarding possible employers, contacts and general advice will be much appreciated.

PS apologies if this has been posted somewhere before.


Post looking all lonely here so thought I would respond. Get your CV on some of these and talk to the consu8ltants about what you want:

I am ex REME and got a job through one of these albeit in a different area than you are looking but they are paid to find you employment and work on commission so they should be helpful.

If you do get a job through them make sure you steer them to here so that I can claim my commission too!! They do post in the Arrse jobs area - some of them do anyway.
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