Its always a difficult process to get hold of the QA Team as they are small and generally very busy, I have had great feed back and advice in the past. I am away from my office for a bit but need some information for an applicant and its quicker to post a request than make a call at the moment.
Okay here goes,
Applicant is accademically suitable and in all the other ares, very switched on. wants student Nurse, obvioulsy nothing will happen until next year but can somebody send me a message with the following info.

2007: next ATR intake followed on by PHASE 2 intake dates, I am getting APR/FEB/AUG and need to be 100% certain.

Nurses boards/ Aqauiants etc

Many thanks
Hollow Tip

The only people that can give you that info is the recruiting team as they work in mysterious ways.

Firstly have you sat the boards, have you been successful? You need to wait until you have passed this board first before thinking about the next step. Typically it can take upto a year to get into your nurse traning and that includes having to do ATR Winchester if male and ATR Lichfield (I think) if female as training is now sex segregated.

My advice get in contact withe team as they no best be prepared for a long wait before anything happens. Use the time to get fit and prepare for your interview your team will best advise you as things have changed slightly. Its a pain but you'll have to wait out, make time to get in contact with the team remember you want to a QA nurse while they will chase you a little if you are not seen to make the effort they will not spend alot of time trying to get hold of you.

Hope this helps a little sorry it couldn't be more detailed but thats the best I can do without being privvy to the QA teams devious little plottings and thought processes. (Know one of the guys well and he will will help you out if you make the time to speak with him!)

All the best


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