im currently going through the process of joing the ta im down as reme what is a light detachment to an artillery regiment but want to go to the artilery regiment is it set in stone what regiment you want to join or do you have until the end of phase 1 to really make your mind up cheers
It may depend if all the artillery pids are full or not, you can change cap badges fairly easly, lots of paperwork.
Ask your PSI.
Someone who knows a hell of a lot more than me should be along shortly.
i havnt even been to selection yet the blokes reme he didnt even ask me i was down to go artillery theres spaces next thing i know ive goto retake my barb test again and that its all bullshit
Have you done ADSC yet? If not then go back to the ACIO and explain to them that you wish to change capbadges. They should then put you in touch with any drop short units that are near you. Obviously different Trades have different barb scores, so yes, you may have to retake a barb test. However I would of thought that if you scored enough points for REME then you should be okay for most Gunner roles.

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its 101 northumbrian gunners that i want to join but they have a reme detachment i have scored alright for the gunners but becasue the bloke is pushing me to the reme which is also based there i have to get my barb up reme score. but i want more of a combat role i should be able to tell him i want to go artillery then i think its just a interveiw then you get your selection date dont you

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Go to 101 Regt and speak to the PSAO (a Captain) and tell him what you want to do. If you want to be a Gunner let him know. If REME isn't what you want then don't do it, you will only bin it early.
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