Discussion in 'REME' started by jamie2k, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Hello,

    I assume that there are a fair few ppl on here that are already in the army and i've been wanting to talk to somebody that is.

    I'm thinking of joining the REME, but would like to get some Tips, advice and personal opinions from ppl that are allready in.

    Can you tell me a bit about what you do/have done in the army.

    How you found training.

    what training you do.

    If you've enjoyed/regreted joining.

    If you enjoy it, what have you enjoyed. (and vice-versa)

    And so on........

    Thanks 8)
  2. I smell journo if I'm not mistaken!!
  3. Whats Journo :huh:
  4. Jamie you ask too many non specific questions.
    You writing a book maybe?
  5. No im serious.

    Sorry if im coming accross the wrong way.

    Just being reading a few threads on here and found out what journo means.

    I really do want to join up, but like i said i want some advice. even if its vague.

    At the moment I work for a company called EMIS, Providing computer solutions for doctors.

    I just fix em ;)

    I live in leeds and im 20 in 15 days, but im sick to death of my job!!

    What questions should i be asking????


    jamie B)

    P.S btw i don't wanna do ANYTHING with computers when/if I join up
  6. Why is a computer man interested in REME???
    Why not the signals??
  7. Well when i left school i wanted to be a mechanic, but couldn't be arsed going to college.

    I was handed the job i have on a plate coz me dad worked for em.

    And besides that, after 4yrs with computers I've decided that i well abnd truly HATE them 8)
  8. I've also thought about the RE but im not too sure.

    One of me mates has just joined up he's just done a week in preston and passed, he's off back in a few months i think but he's been given a diet and fittness remieme to follow.
  9. Speak to 5Bn REME regimental recruiting team in Catterick (50 mins from Leeds). I am sure they can organise a visit to the unit some time soon. That will give you a broad overview of all the trades from the guys and girls who are on the shop floor doing the job.

    PS I don’t know the number but try directory enquiries, I am sure they will be able to help.

  10. I don't meean to be a cynic Jamie2K (or to you, Devilishdave for your very honest and good advice) but the guys and girls may be on the shop floor in 5 Bn REME doing their jobs, however (nice word) the guys and girls in 3 Bn REME have not done this for nearly 2 years. If you are to join REME you must learn the 7 questions before you enter the Careers Office.
  11. Cheers guys :D
  12. Waht are the 7 questions?? :?:
  13. Jamie..............try the RAF, if I had my time again I'd go that route!!
  14. doing what??

    I've allways wanted to join the RAF. From when i left school


    I've got really bad eye sight. :(