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  1. Im not quite sure about what job id like to do now. I think im too old to go to harrogate now (17 on sunday). Anyway im going to the afco tommorow with my 3 job choices but im not sure what they are now. My grades in school were good so that wont stop me doing anything, also i got 80 something on the barb so that wont ither. I would like to know what the best jobs are, pay wise and trade wise. Also i really just want to get in there, so dont want to be doing 2 years training. Any opinions would ne good, cheers.
  2. Surely this is something you need to decide yourself rather than someone going "The xxxx are good, join them!" :?

    To the internets, and research!
  3. So you don't want to be doing 2 years training? Well don't go for a trade then.. If you want a trade then you have to spend the time learning it....

    Best bet is tell us your interests, what sort of thing do you want to do in the army? we can give you an idea of what sort of jobs there is that is out there that involve some of your interests, then you need to go talk to your recruiter get some job print outs read over them and find out what appeals to you most..


    P.S: Yay, 100th post...
  4. What he said. What do you want to do, what are you interested in? What do you not want to do? Have you had a looky through the army job site to give an idea of possibilites you might not have thought of?
  5. i dont mind doing training, just dont want years of it. Ive looked at things like aircraft technition. Also whats the difference between an electrition and an electronics technition.
  6. From just reading the names I would assume a electrician is what you would find on civvy street, wiring etc etc.. Electronics technician I would dare assume works with electronics (Gadgets) take apart, fix, put together etc etc, that's just me assuming from the names though I'm pretty sure I'm right..

    As I said before, for most trades I'm pretty certain you are going to be looking at a while for the training, it is worth it at the end of the day though. Again it all depends on what you want out of the army.. You serve 4 years minimum anyway so whats 2 years of that training going to cost?
  7. Read the job descriptions :?

    Edit: Linky
    If you meant that, then it's Territorial only, not regulars.

    Similar gig, but regulars.
  8. An electricion wires plugs, badly, and can't spell.

    An aircraft technicion (still can't spell) is a BAT that is moderately intelligent but likes to felch horses and get promoted for swallowing.

    If you don't get either of the above, I'd suggest avoiding both :)