Discussion in 'Infantry' started by moe67812, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. Any ex paras here who would be willing to give a wanna be para some advice over pm would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Wouldn’t you be better asking for advice from current Para’s :wink:
  3. I have some advice.

    Don't play on train tracks and don't take sweets off strange men.
  4. So the other thread didnt work out then?
  5. :wink: here's me assuming my comp was/is U/S 8O
    How long to block this one then mafia???????
  6. if this website isnt for people looking to join up can one of the mods please verafy this and il bugger off pronto ??

    and no the last thread didnt work and its frustrating as i have some serious questions and have no idea what the problem is with me posting as im not the only civvie on this website by far .....
  7. It is mate, but you have to realise, that the term "special" or "elite" winds up certain types of people, the rest is just banter, and if you do intend to go para, may I suggest you get used to it.

    Some look on paras, as nothing more than airborne inf, whilst they look upon themselves as special forces, whch in itself is a bone of contention.
  8. What a cock! I don't know one single Para who looks upon himself as SF. Not even 1 PARA who are SFSG so in a way have more justification. Bellend.

  9. I stand corrected then, they obviously only say that when being slagged for being nothing more than AB inf then.

    I should learn to ignore them when they say they are SF then, ok thanks FLCH, I'll remember that next time.

    Scrotum. ;)
  10. Also, don't eat yellow snow, and never piss into the wind.

  11. I look at you all as very spechul :wink:
  12. Ignore them? Tell them they're fucking bellends! I agree. Para Regt isn't special. After all, it's not hard to be better then the pile of shite which is the rest of the infantry. :wink:

  13. Also, dont take everything as read, it could be a pi55 take.

    Oh the joys of fishing
  14. cheers for the first reasonably usefull post gren

    If the paras are elite then why do some people have such a problem with them being reffered to as such.

    I thought that was the point of the commando course and p-coy was to make a distinction between two different levels of infantry.

    Well used to banter gren.
    Not used to alot of this childish bollox though.

    The first question still stands though, any ex or SERVING paras fancy having a chat ?

  15. Not really.