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  1. Apologies if this has been covered somewhere but I did a quick search and couldn't see anything.

    I applied for the army in Sept 06, did my BARB test sent off the forms for medical etc. I received a letter in October to say that, because I had been off work with a stress related illness the year before I would have to wait a further year (i think)before re-applying. I was gutted to say the least, at the time I was being made redundant had no sick and thought I could do with a month off work. Obviously not the best thing to do and in hindsight I wouldn't have done it.

    Although I realise I have left it a lot longer than a year, would this be a problem if I was to re apply? I am now 25 (I believe that is still OK) have a few more years of work behind me to go with my qualifications and believe that I would be very suited to the Army. I have had no further "mental issues".

    I visited the career office today to gain some advice but to be honest it was a waste of time. He was more interested in grilling me about why I had left it so long to reapply and promptly gave me the standard dvd and intro booklets to read as he said "things have changed since you first applied" He said I would also have to start from scratch as I wouldn't still be in the system.

    I didn't have the original letter that I was sent from the Medical Centre (only the covering letter D'oh!) Is there somewhere I can write to, to get another copy of this letter? and is it correct I would have to be entered from fresh (resitting BARB test etc)
  2. Go down the Careers Office and get all the forms and send them off. Should be all sorted
  3. Just out of interest, is there anywhere I can download the forms in a word doc or something similar to fill in. Saves me a trip.
  4. Nope. Show you give a toss. Get down there. If you can't be krassed to get your arrse down there. Maybe Army isn't for you???
  5. It should be fine but you have to go to an ACIO to collect the forms and have an eligibility interview which forms part of the process ;)
  6. You can apply online. But to be honest, it would probably be better to do it with them
  7. Yes you 'can' apply online, but all's that will happen is they will generate an appointment for you to visit the ACIO, where you will end up filling a new form in because they only ask the basic details online ;)
  8. Ah right, doesnt make much sense does it?!? :?

    I looked at the online app, then decided to get my arrse down there instead
  9. It's a people organisation, Gears. It likes to see the whites of your eyes and it cannot do that on-line...

    ...yet. :D