Discussion in 'RAC' started by ChrisW, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. Hello Chaps, my name is Chris and I am considering a career in the Army as an Officer, more specifically in the Cavalry. My reason for posting is I think it would be useful for you to crush any preconceptions and stereotypes that I may have and provide me with assistance and enable me to make a sensible decision upon a future career.
    My name is Chris Edited, I am 18 and I go to an Independent school in the S.West. (Edited). I enjoy Sports and play Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Cycling and Running. I have reasonably good GCSEs (3A*, 5A, 1B) a C in AS level French and I am aiming for AAB at A Level. I have received an offer from Manchester University to study History. Firstly, I would like to know what position these qualifications would place me in. Above average or average. Also, despite having a lifelong fascination in the Army I did not join the CCF, largely due to the fact I had Hockey training and thus had an obligation to attend. Would this count against me, even if I intend to join the UOTC at University?
    I have been researching the Regiment and the illustrious history of the Cavalry, and I have a number of questions. I have come across numerous references to independent income, and it being a Hobby rather than a career. If this is true, how much money would the average fellow spend in the Household Cavalry and for comparison, a fellow in the KRH per annum? Secondly, I am unable to ride a Horse, despite being born and bred in the country, but I intend to learn whilst at University. Would this count against me? I have read alot about Red cords, I do not own a pair of these, but do own some brownish ones from Ralph Lauren and wear them with brown loafers and a jumper over a shirt. Is this trivial or is this important. (I would have no objection if it is, as I have a taste fro the finer things in life; self-confessed bon viveur) I am the first to pursue a career in the Military, and was wondering if this would disadvantage me from others who have family connections?
    Out of interest, could somebody tell me the pastimes of an Officer; Opera, Port and cigars and fine restaurants, or is it more revolved around drinking, I personally prefer the former.
    Could you fellows tell me where I could get my hands upon an information pack upon the KRH? (I have sent off for one from the HC 2 weeks ago, and am waiting for it; do they take a long time normally?)
    Could you also tell me the regiments which are the most respected and elitist?

    I know this is a rather exhausting list, but I would really appreciate any help. Any other feedback would be much appreciated.

  2. One of the wonders of the internet is the ability to hide your real identity, i'd use that as a starter.
  3. Thanks for the help. :roll:
  4. Chris - this was a valid piece of advice. there is a thing called "personal security" - members of the armed forces and police are targets of terror groups. think about it
  5. Bad CO

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    Security assistance provide by me.... although am picking up a slight hint of wah!
  6. Sorry, but if i were you i'd delete my personal details from that post. Once it's on the web, it stays on the web.

    As for real advice, i'm sure a real cav officer will be along once they've finished thier G&Ts.

    But from background chats-

    Alternate source of money, not required. The common answer is that you can survive on the pay without too much hardship.

    Education wise, fine and dandy. AAB is good enough, and manchester isn't too bad for history. Probably put you on the above average footing, but RCB matters more than your education.

    CCF is irrelevant, as is UOTC, they both can help you to decide if you want to join, and give some prior information (that you'd get at sandhurst anyway) but they aren't required at all.

    You don't ride horses into battle these days, due to budget cuts a donkey* is provided instead, much easier to handle, they will teach you how.

    *Note, all information here is probably false, wrong or just an outright lie. I hate you all
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    Slow to step in as intransit to the sandpit!
  8. What a total fcuking gimp......
  10. I -think- the post is a pisstake, going from the last two questions. But I admit, if it is, it's a good one.

  11. Its either a pisstake or very naive. Either way the donkey loving future Rupert is down range and the red flag is up!
  12. And firing may definatly take place!
  13. Get a Guitar and Sing about being Beautiful - You`ll travel the world, make lots of money and have none of the Bullshit!
  14. He seems like a genuine individual to me...................... :silent: :puker: :toilet: