Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by wooly, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Hello I'm new here and just wanted some genral advice, the army is recruiting in my area and I was given a booklet to read through. I was just wondering about

    1} the postal courier jobs

    2} pharmacy technician

    does anyone here do one of these or could give me advice? Are they popular positions whats the genral perception of these two jobs?. sorry if stupid questions just trying to get an idea.

  2. i don't know much about these hobs 2bh. but if your interested in finding out about them go to your local army careers office and ask to speak to someone they will tell you all about them. your not commiting yourself to the army by going in for a chat either so you got nothing to lose :)
  3. go on army website mate

    pharmacy job should be under medical

    potal courier etc should be under logistics
  4. not being funny but is a postal courier just like a postman
  5. Except you have to look smart.
  6. We dont have postmen walking around! Postal couriers recieve, sort and despatch mail for the armed forces out to units. Units have their own post room or registry who then recieve and push it out to the troops.
  7. I'm currently a postman (Royal Mail). And I can inform you it's nothing like being a postman. (Going by job descriptions).
    The life as a Postman entails; waking up at 4am, going to work, spend a couple of hours prepping mail, spent 5 hours delivering mail, go home, go to sleep, repeat.

    An extremely boring, un-satisfying life.
  8. Units do not have Postal & Courier Operators in their mail rooms; these are Unit Post Orderlies, a position that is often filled by an individual who might be otherwise difficult to employ.

    In addition to specialising in the handling of diplomatic, classified, official and personal mail items, and other mail services, PC Ops operate the Rapid Response Courier Service; their dispatch riders and couriers provide a vital part of battlefield communications. PC Ops are some of the most widely deployed personnel in the Army, providing coverage for the entirety of Defence and for many other Govt departments overseas; exotic destinations include Washington, Singapore, Mombassa, Kandahar, Basrah, Helmand (various), Baghdad, Lisbon, Lisburn (never, ever, confuse the two (oh yes, I could tell you a funny story)), London, Germany (various), Tromso, FI, Cyprus, Oman, Kuwait, Al Udeid, Bahrain...etc.