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Gentlemen, please can someone who studies statistics please advise me. We appear to have a Walt who works as a civilian mechanic at my place of employment. I do believe this individual spent some time in the Armed Forces but as of yet we have not determined which mob he actually served with. So far he has graced us with various S.F Regiments and many of his stories appear to have origionated from the many Andy Mcnab books that are now in circulation. Last night he was conversing with a US Airborne chappy and he now claims to have done 578 Parachute jumps. Please could someone tell me how many years it would take to amass this amount of jumps? Bearing in mind none of them were sporting. Thankyou
Sounds as though he was in 49 PARA. They seem to be able to rack up a hugh number of missions, and it
would also explain the SF comments, as they provide direct support to 24 SAS in one of their roles.


If he was not in 49 Para, you should allow 8 for his basic course, and then if you assume an average of 6 per year (being generous!) he would take 95 years to do 570 descents. Even allowing for the jump fanatics who look to go parachuting at every opportunity, and the good old days of the balloon I would expect not less than the full 22 years.
If he's done that many jumps he'll have undoubtedly used the old PX4 parachute at some point and so would probably have taken the apex tie from the chute and used it as a key fob as loads of the blokes do. Ask him to show you one or if he knows what part of the parachute it comes from and post his response here for verification.

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