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Discussion in 'Officers' started by COOLHANDLUKE, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Evening Lads.

    I'm new to the forum so if i've posted it in the wrong place or whatnot then...bugger it

    Also if this abit of a 'bone' question then I'm sorry. It's just that the desicions I make now will affect me for the rest of my life so y'no bear with me.

    Pretty much, I'm 16 and I've wanted to be a soldier all my life and up untill a few months ago I was dead set on joining the Royal Marines after sixth form(as an other rank, not an officer).

    Anyway, I had a look at the careers available and I'm seriously considering joining the Army Infantry or Royal Artillery as an Officer. But I still don't really know what the job involves, I've had mixed messages from careers advisors. Some have said that there isn't much of a difference between an Officer and a Soldier. Whilst others have said that an Officer will mainly have an 'on the sidelines, supervisory' role.

    Now I thaught I'd come on here after not getting a straight answer out of the the careers advisors. So my main question is, how involved are officers in the soldiering side of things? I mean, I'm joining up to be a soldier, to crawl around in the mud, to be on the frontline firing my rifle( I know how stupid that sounds.) But I also feel I would be well suited to lead men and have a bit of responsability.

    So yeah, I'd appreciate it if you guys could spare some of your time to give me some advice or answer my question. I'm expecting abit of abuse but mehh....I'm not too bothered about my reputation on here I just hope I don't come across as some sort of call of duty fantasist.

  2. Can't help you too much with the actual question, being in a similar situation myself. But they will call you a COD fantasist, they always do... you can try and fob it off as you want "an active and physically challenging job"... works for me...

    One thing that seems to be a fairly major difference between officers and soldiers is that if you want to go to uni, you are pushed strongly in the direction of officer (not that you need a degree to be an officer). That's kind of what set my heart on trying (and probably failing) to get into RMAS: the careers chap in the office told me to go away, go to uni, and then put in an app. He did give me some lovely pictures of warry stuff though, so it's all good.

    How do you feel about uni? Yes/No/Haven't Really Thought About It? What A-levels are you doing, and what sort of grades do you realistically think you will get?

    Disclaimer- I'm not in the army, I don't have an active application, I haven't actually gotten into uni yet. Although I am worryingly good at Cod....
  3. Although I have only just started the process to become an officer I can give you my view on what being an Officer is.
    You do not have to go to uni to become an officer, a friend of mine is due to start sadbags in September and he hasn't got a degree. I think the idea of gettin a degree is that it is beneficial to you should you decide to leave the army in the future. It also provides you with valuable life experience, which I think is extremely important, how can you offer help to one of your platoon if you haven't had life experience of your own?

    The army jobs website has some good information on Officer v Soldier at

    The first thing you must do is look at whether you have the right character traits to be an Officer, as everyone will tell you an officer is a position of great responsibilty and you either have the ability to be an officer or not. AOSB will determin this.

    TheMinister - Keep positive, going in with the right attitude is half the battle won. You must have your whole heart in it to fully show the staff your potential.

    Hope this helps a little.
  4. Heh thanks Sadler, I reckon I can score pretty high on the wanting to do it- the more time I spend lurking on here, the more threads I see from people saying the army is the best job in the world. I'm much more worried that I'm not going to be physically fit enough- the entry requirements are pretty strenuous, and even getting into shape to meet the basic tests has been pretty hard (knees packing it in already, and I still get a touch of asthma when I run too fast). I guess it's just a question of whether I'm fortunate enough to be able to be fit without my body packing it in first...
  5. You've been talking to a cretin.
  6. I also believe that being in the British Army is a great career and one that has endless possibilities. :)

    In regards to fitness just keep at it, whenever it gets tough adapt a mentality that never gives up. (It works for me when things get very difficult). You will be fine. Might be worth getting your knee's checked if they get too painful.
  8. Agree with Victorian Major, you have been talking to a moron. If you look at the number of officers injured and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan then you will see that they are not on the sidelines. You might also look through some of the threads as this 'Do I join as an officer or soldier?' has been done to death. However, good luck if you do join the Infantry as an officer; you won't regret it.
  9. Cheers lads,
    Hope I didn't come across as too much of a cnut. I know what you mean about life experience, I've been trying to get as many courses and jobs under my belt if I do decide that going to Sandhurst is for me. Doesn't compare to uni I know but it's a start, I guess.

    Even then I could fail AOSB, but having the oppertunity to join as a soldier or my original plan as an other rank bootie(bootneck officer role never really appealed to me after I looked into it) has got to be the best
    runner up prize in the world I reckon.
  10. Apply for Officer, and let the professionals decide if you make the cut.
  11. i say go for the marines as an enlisted man and they will tell you if ur a cut above the rest and advise or put you up for offficer training!! :D
  12. CHL, apply for it and don't even worry about the lack of a degree. While your not doing hand-to-hand scrapping with your troops in Helmand ,your goal should be to become a professional student, courtesy of HM the Queen's magnificant tertiary education system. They pay, you get all the perks...
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. Yeah, I was aware that there has been quite a few officers killed or injured. There was that one from the rifles a couple of weeks back wasn't there? R.I.P
    It's just the stuff I was being told didn't really add up.

    EDIT: Just seen msr's post about the lad from the rifles...respect to the fella
  15. "On the sidelines, supervisory role"...

    Yes, just as I remember it!