advice wanted regarding working when on annual leave and terminal leave please

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by yrl10, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. Hi all :) My husband was medically discharged in May after 18 years service. His finish date is 30th December 2011 which includes 20 days terminal leave and 37 days annual leave ( 15 of them ren leave). His resettlement courses will be complete by the end of September. I know he can be employed by someone else during his terminal leave but can he add on his annual leave also? Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks :nod:
  2. oldbaldy

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    When I retired I started work whilst on the annual leave I was taking before the start of my terminal leave. The Army had no further interest in me, all documentation was completed and I just told my new employer the score & was taxed by them at BR until I had my P45.
  3. Ditto, I worked through my annual, resettlement and terminal leave in agreement with my new employer (I made sure they were fully aware of the situation to ensure I would be insured by the company policy), nobody in the mob really gives a hoot about you anymore but the tax man will want his cut so make sure he is aware...
  4. Don't worry about it, they cant make him pregnant even if they still had a hold on him. To all intents and purposes, once he starts to use all his leave, he is as good as finished as far as the army is concerned.

    Tell him to forget the army - but not his mates.

    Good luck for the future.
  5. I was told tyou could by a Resettlement Officer recently...only warning was careful of the taxman....he will look at your annual earnings and think that was a normal years work so you could then get higher tax assessments the following April. But yes there shouldnt be a problem adding leave to your terminal and working as long as your not going back to work for the Army in between.

    Just a pointer though as he definately been told he can have his RENLEAVE as thought it was between the 17 and 19 year point and seeing I wont make the 19 year point could lose it...not a RENLEAVE Guru though.
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    That shows the Resettlement Officer has little or no knowledge of how tax works in civvy street.
  7. A lad I worked with started work in our place whilst still being payed by the Army, even his Para pay so I believe, he didn't so much as go up a flight of stairs!
  8. Sorry didnt explain properly...Resettlement Officer said you could...Ive been warned by a couple of people about the tax thing as had thought about leaving all mine till the end and working in last few months. Ive spent nearly 24 years with the Army sorting my tax out so havent a clue about trust your judgement on it ...happy as not a subject matter expert on it only saying what I was told.

    And are you stalking me Old Baldy :)
  9. I am still getting letters from the taxman re a company car which I Handed back in April 2008. The bill is for 2008- 2009. As far as the tax office is concerned if you start the year earning a certain amount then they will tax code you accodingly, the rule appears to be tax first hope they don't notice. Speak to your HR manager, get them to sort it on your behalf.