Advice Urgently Needed!!

I have been offered places at two different Sixth Form Colleges. I have to decide in 3 days where to go.

Which group of A levels will help me the most? I would like to become a HCav Officer.

Group 1
Critical Thinking


Group 2

if you were going to join up, which group of A levels would you take??

Thank you so much,

It really makes no difference, don't worry about it. Do what you want to do...

It may seem the most important thing in the world to you at the moment but whatever you choose will be of equal interest to AOSB when the time comes.

If I were you, I'd go to the college with the best looking young ladies at it.
Group 1 without a doubt. As a Household Cavalry Officer you need those qualifications for the following reasons:

Geography - so you can tell your arrse from your elbow
Psychology - if you can spell it - and you can - you are over qualified
Critical Thinking - all ruperts are critical
Physics - so you know why the cork pops out a champagne bottle the way it does.

Septem Juncta in Uno!!!!
Choose the VIth Form with the best extra mural activities or the one that suits your travel plans. If you are in the cadets or any youth service make sure that you continue with that. Whilst the RCB will look at your exam grades, more credence will be put on your Westbury testing/interviews & how you perform there. I would also opt for the school with the best looking girlies. Good luck
i would say group two for a serious answer as is politics handy to have as it will you tune yourself in curent affairs and good for defence knowledge etc. Also get to know these politicans as a lot of them are full of shite - know your enemy! :numberone:
Whichever college has the best polo club.

In the longer term, I suggest you heed the following sage advice.

You might also want to check with your father to find out just how many estates in Scotland the family owns. If he can't tell you off the top of his head, then you'll be fine. If he says none and, furthermore, you might not have a private income to supplement your meagre wage, then I would suggest you look at another Regt.

Seriously though, academically, it's not going to make much of a difference what you study. Just pick whichever place and whatever courses appeal to you most (within reason- no Posh & Becks Studies). You're going to be spending a lot of time and effort on them and if you're stuck doing a subject that you're not enjoying just because you think it's going to give you a leg up, then you're not going to perform as well.

One word of warning though, I don't know how much syllabi have changed since my day, but the lads and lasses who had a crack at A-Level Physics without taking A-level Mathematics (applied) tended to struggle a fair bit.

Critical Thinking is often seen, rightly or wrongly, as something of a joke subject.

Might want to consider trading in the Politics for Physics if you can.
thanks so much guys, one college is Steyning Grammar School (2 Miles away), the other is Brighton College (14 Miles away)

im not bored about travel, just grades and what the army want.

so you think physics is the most important subject for me to take??

As long as you can explain why you chose those subjects with regards to your university, it really doesn´t matter what you study. The majority of officers that are grads will tell you that the most important thing is that you get a good education at university as the analytical skills you learn there will help with your army career.

What´s most important is that you enjoy it and do well. Without the former, that later will be harder.

Also if you want to join the HCav go to brighton college. i know it well, it´s more public school.
1140_Sqn said:
thanks so much guys, one college is Steyning Grammar School (2 Miles away), the other is Brighton College (14 Miles away)

im not bored about travel, just grades and what the army want.

so you think physics is the most important subject for me to take??

They just want proof of how clever you are not what you know in the same way that supermarkets employ graduates who have any kind of degree.
Well done for your choice but stay away from the Life Guards. Oh and always go for the shortest journey, less effort and you wont have to rely on the crappy public transport :thumleft:
Brighton College + Donkey Wallopers? Oh no, no, no, no......!


Sit down with someone who knows about these things and get him to tell you the facts of Army life, please. It will only save you heartache in the long run old chap.


well i want to join the Blues. then apply to become an apache pilot...

well, if the course topics dont matter too much, i will just go to Steyning Grammar School, my Friends are there, the girls are fit, and i know all the teachers.

thanks for all the help lads,

One thing not mentioned to consider is 'where will you be most comfortable and able to perform?’ Its one thing accepting a place at a college which has the image, but will you be happy here for two years and will it provide you with the working environment you need to do well? When selecting my sixth form college, I applied to two each with about 10 miles travel and each highly regarded for the subjects I wanted, visits showed that I found one to be very relaxed and informal which suited me well and I was relaxed here and enjoyed my stay. The other, although being more highly ranked in terms of grades, had a feel I didn’t enjoy and I may or may not have got the grades there I got at the college I went to.

Regarding subjects, do what you enjoy, what degree are you thinking of taking? Maybe a-levels suited to this would be more beneficial than what the army wants. The army are after bright young people with leadership qualities etc, if you have them you shouldn’t have a problem getting in, you should however in gaining the entry qualifications enjoy yourself rather than spending two years studying subjects you dislike.

Just my opinion.
well im thinking of doing geography or law for degree level.

I have just decided im going to steyning grammar school for my A Levels. its easier for me.

thanks for all the help!!


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