Advice to serving soldiers

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Eggbanjo, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. As a young Tom in Battalion I considered myself a pretty decent soldier, better than some, not as good as others, fit, enjoyed the lifestyle and like most I prayed for the day we'd be used for real rather than stagging on in NI*. But life moves on and I left the army and other challenges came along.

    One thing I do remember is being slightly p.issed off with some of the NCO's giving it the big'un about this that and the other (FI vets exempt) when the majority had really only been in a couple of years more than me. This prompted several 'robust' exchanges at the time :wink:

    Now........I'm the father of a son currently in training and find that I'm giving it the old sweat 'in my day' BS that I fecking hated when I was in.

    Point of the ramble what stage after leaving do you stop being the provider of useful info and start being a waffling cnut thats full of s.hite. my case a suspect the day after leaving. :oops:

    * disrepect to those KIA/WIA by the way, but you know what I mean
  2. I would suggest any cnut 5 yrs older and or two ranks higher will be considered a"waffling cnut thats full of s.hite" by most young thrusters unless the waffling cnut in question has a VC or is minus limbs!

    You can teach and advise til the cows come home, experience has to be earnt and learnt.

    Lucky for us our government of waffling cnut thats full of s.hite have a schpecial programme to insure our armed forces get all the Training experiences they need to be combat rady for the next war by fighting two wars now!!!
  3. I strongly suspect that I have never had anything useful to offer.

    No need to let petty details discourage one however.
  4. I suspect it is when the next Conflict starts. NI worse than Aden, FI worse than NI, GW1 worse than FI etc, etc.
  5. It depends on the advice you give. Keep your admin up to scratch, keep your mouth shut, this is how you iron a shirt type of advice is always helpful. Tactics of the Soviet Union, stoppage drills for the Sterling etc aren't.

    There is a trend these days for recruits to have duvets not sheets; if you go off on a twenty-minute rant about "In my day we spent 28 hours a day straightening our beds, then slept on beds of nails so as not to mess them up...You've got it easy do you have" you're guaranteed not to have any attention paid to your advice for the next five years.
  6. You must admit though the stories do get more embelished as time wears on.... by the way did I ever tell you about the time I....feck I forgot now,see what you made me do..............Nurse I wet myself again :D
  7. Out in 74, now 75+ years on this earth. I soon found that advice was not wanted; same for opinions based upon "When I was in...." The only time one can really make any worthwhile contribution is when there is debate etc. on something way back that involved you. I can 'do' Internment and Bloody Sunday, last weeks in Aden, Merdeka in Malaya/Malaysia, Uhuru in Kenya and Enosis in Cyprus etc. as I was there when the flag came down the last time. Key is, I think, not to rush in but see what develops.
  9. Advice to serving soldiers you say?

    Hmmmm, well the yellow snow one is old and dried now, so, I would have to say, If your going to shag the RSM's daughter, dont get caught climbling out of her bedroom window, by the RSM.

    It does your career no good what so ever.
  10. You may have just arrived at this point :D
  13. Different one Scarletto :wink:
  14. :D cnut.

    I was have a chat on the phone with my son yesterday I couldn't help telling him that "...a ten miler in 1984 was still ten miles......and I've passed P Coy haven't.........yet" to get it in while I still can :D
  15. Dont get caught.... :lol: