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Discussion in 'Officers' started by cpunk, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    CGS and I have conferred and agreed that, despite the presence of several helpful 'catch-all' advice threads in the sticky block above, we're still getting far too many new threads of the 'Gissa top tip for Pre-RCB/RCB/PCB/RMAS' variety. These become tedious after the 241st iteration of the same basic question and are in danger of swamping one of the more active forums on Arrse. In consequence, we're going to get tough. Henceforth, any advice threads started which have either been answered ad nauseam (see 'Do I need to get/finish my degree?') or which would be appropriate for any of the sticky threads will either be moved, deleted or, in cases of extreme, mulish stupidity, placed in the Naafi Bar and used as the basis for an all-ranks abuse extravaganza.

    I should reiterate that potential officers, OCdts etc are more than welcome to post their questions here, provided that they do it in the correct thread, and with the necessary amount of forelock tugging servility.

    Finally, if anyone has any suggestions for suitable advice 'sticky' threads in addition to those we already have, please place them here.
  2. May I add a request that 'text-speak' should not be used?
  3. My word! The Gods are being particularly cruel today!

    Perhaps we should mark each post out of 10 for content and use of the English language:

    6 and above - the post stays
    3 to 5 - the post is deleted
    below 3 - the post is thrown to the wolves in the NAAFI!

  4. How come this one has disappeared and not reappeared in NAAFI then?!?!?

    Re: What do officers actually do?

    if anyone deserved throwing to the wolves, it was our 16 year old SAS officer wannabe :D
  5. Find myself in agreement with CR - the gene pool is a trifle diluted as it is. Frow him to the gwound Centuwion!
  6. it's fwoor, not gwound :)

    and stwike him vewy wuffly!
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Look Guv, we all wanted to be that maverick, drink with the lads, shag the posh totty, get the job done, kinda guy when we were thinking about joining... well, I did anyway. My research was done almost entirely in Victor and Warlord comics, and I modelled my early career on Lewis Collins in 'Who Dares Wins', though the rest of the lads in my TA General Support Field Bath Troop were a bit worried when I took them on live escape and evasion and R to I training in Snowdonia. Cpl 'Tubs' Taylor - NCOIC Laundry Section, cleanest towels in Nato bar none - never did quite get over the time I handcuffed him and subjected him to the Chinese Water Torture for four straight hours after following the trail of non-biological Dreft to his lie up, though it turned out he didn't know what colour the boat house at Hereford was either.

    But anyway... I didn't want to be too hard on the lad on his first posting on Arrse. I'm still amazed that the PO Arrser with 'Who Dares Wins' (in Latin) as his username hasn't been savaged to death yet. Nevertheless, my finger remains twitchy on the moderation button...
  8. can't you at least stick it in the NAAFI? i am fairly certain our young padowan has already changed his identity and learned his lesson. so no harm, no foul ;)
  9. QAV recently changed his username to something in welsh so obviously realised he was on thin ice.
  10. ...because that's the only reason to say something in Welsh?
  11. In the sticky threads could we have a seperate thread for PO's arriving at sandhurst soon needing advice and one for those at the factory for banter chat etc...?
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Good idea...
  13. I am currently a student finishing my Post-Graduate course at university in September. I have an Undergraduate Degree and will also be in the possession of two Post-Graduate Master's qualifications. Qualifications have been obtained at either Oriel College, Oxford, and University College, London respectively. All are in Classics and Classical Art. I realise I do not hold what would be considered 'practical' qualifications, yet I am of the opinion that they are useful and relevant nevertheless.

    I am extremely interested in joining the British Army as an Officer, and have been in correspondence with my local recruiters about the prospect. However, despite my urging, they often steer clear of questions which hopefully you may be able to shed some light on.

    I wish to ask whether having excessive qualifications for entry into the Army will have an impact on:

    A) My acceptance into RMAS (fitness aside).
    B) Whether it will affect which regiments are accessible to me (I have been told you must be sponsored through RMAS).
    C) (Most Importantly) Will my qualifications be realised, and will this in turn affect future promotion opportunities.

    Thank you Gentlemen.
  14. Oh dear. Interesting thread to post this in. Stand by.

    PS: Yes, the Army is dreadfully scared of people with qualifications because it is full of sub-100-IQ morons whose penises shrivel in the presence of MA-holding geniuses. As soon as your fellow officers find out about your background, they will do their best to make your life miserable and attempt to drive you to suicide. Secretly, they will admire your superior intellect and dream of bearing your babies. 8)
  15. The advice threads are quite long - would it be an idea to put some of the info in a "FAQ" section in Arrsepedia?