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Firstly, apologies if this topic has been covered already, I have searched for information on pre-commissioning TA training and come up fairly short on this particular issue. Also I didn't put this in the general advice thread because ideally I'm looking for fairly specific advice.

I'm an MLDP 2 qualified OCdt in my third and penultimate year at university looking to commission this summer and, long story short, want to avoid TA Summer Leader because I hope to be working on language study abroad related to my degree for some time in the summer.

From what I gather, Summer Leader is intense to say the least. It will lead to enormously improved personal admin and fitness, but takes six weeks and is apparently designed for those wishing to go on op in the fairly near future, and also apparently makes mod 2 mainly field-based. Another option is a course vaguely mentioned by my PSI taking only three weeks and covering mods 2 and 3. A third is a mod 3 battle camp if available.

Whilst the advice of the OTC staff and YOs is obviously essential, I'm posting here asking about the experiences - in brief or full - of YOs who have tried these various different routes leading to a commission, since the only side I've really heard so far is those who have done SL. So specifically:
How did you find the course in terms of difficulty?
Did you know other people on the course previously? If so or if not, how did this affect your time on it?
How did you find TA Sandhurst having done mod 3 whichever way?

Thanks very much in advance for your responses.
If you do a ten day battle camp for mod 3 then the TACC you will fnd the TACC far harder than if you did summer leader. Is there no way for you to do summer leader? Its the programme which will get you in the best shape possible (both physically and mentally) for the TACC.

Congratulations. You are eligible for a badly-briefed alien award.

The course your PSI "vaguely mentioned" is Exercise Summer Leader. This consists of Module 2 and Module 3. You have already passed MLDP2 which covers the first of these. You need to pass Module 3. There are several Module 3 courses early in the summer which will permit you to attend your language study. Your Training Major will have a list of these.

The Summer Leader Module 2 and 3 are exactly the same as the other RTC-run Module 2 and 3 courses, except that the OCdts continuing from the Module 2 phase don't suffer from skill fade. In 2009 13 TAPOs went from the LDRTC SL course to RMAS in September. One failed RMAS and that's about average.

Thanks for your help chaps.

I understand the options available to me and what they entail, I'm simply curious about what people might say about their experiences with them. The vaguely-mentioned course is just that, it's only three weeks in August and is apparently being run by London RTC somewhere around Dover and covers mods 2 and 3. That's all the info I really have as of now, but in concept that seems to be a good middle of the road option between hefty SL, spending six weeks in Garelochead (rumoured) having a massively **** time, and doing a chilled out mod 3 that won't prepare me for the TACC proper.

Basically, my point is that I see no reason to do mod 2 again completely from scratch when I've already done a week-long course in it.
That badly briefed alien award showing its head again.

The London RTC course is in Grantham, no where near Dover.

Yes it covers Mods 2 and three (see the post above yours)

Why dont you PM Ex-Pompadour (the poster above you) and he will give you 100% correct info.
I call WAH.

No OTC would let you pass MLDP2 in a week. You'd have to miss out half of the syllabus. You'll be claiming that your PRACTAC was run indoors just looking out of the classroom window and that you were taught by Group B 2LTs next.
PM sent, thanks.

I'm not too bothered about where and when as of this moment, more 'does it prepare me for Sandhurst adequately?'. It would be particularly helpful if anyone has first-hand experience of SL alternatives and how they found them in relation to Sandhurst, per my original post.

I did the week long Mod 3 a year ago, having completed the weekend MLDP 2 course with a UOTC, then had a couple of weeks and TACC began. TACC is, I think, a shock to the system no matter which course you do! That said I didn't find that I'd forgotten anything, nor did I struggle with very much. Fitness may well be an issue - it was to some degree on my course. PM me for any questions about the Mod 3 cse or anything else about TACC, but Ex_Pompadour is your man for all things important (like which course is which!)



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I've had the privilege of going through both systems. I've mentioned elsewhere my wandering past between an OTC and a TA. Basically after the first year at otc I went on Ex Summer Leader with 51 Bde in Aberdeen. Nothing I have done since has come close to that course for either **** about factor (Sandhurst came close), beasting, character building or fundamental soldier skills. There is no shadow in my mind that this course made me into who I am today. One friend of mine from the same course is currently finishing his junior term at the academy and shares this belief.

OTC training, on the other hand, is much more varied - the exercises I went on through SL (one 4 day, one 6 day and one 11 day) were designed to drop you in at the deep end and see what you were made of. Otc exercises have been hard, but nothing compared to them. I saw the MLDP 2 and 3 courses (then mod 2 and 3) run by the OTC and whilst hard in places, did not smash the guys as much as we did on SL. I'm not saying whether that is a good or bad thing in officer training, however personally I would have felt ill-prepared to go on with just that training. Guys did go and acquit themselves well after this, so horses and courses.

When I did arrive at TACC a year later I did find that although I had a considerable skill fade, it all came back much quicker than I thought it might. Other members of the course struggled with various aspects of the course, some came from a SL course, others from RTC or OTCs. The major point I pinged is physical fitness. People like to big themselves up with phys because of the prestige factor it brings. However, if you were blowing out of your hoop on the 8 mile steady state run, then you are probably not in the best condition you could be, nor is walking 8 miles round barossa a "ninja test", as I've heard it described. A sense of perspective will go a long way.

TACC will be as hard as you, and your DS make it. On my course many people had built it up to be some sort of amazing impossible course - obviously it is not. The harder training you can get yourself onto before hand the easier you will find it. Having said that, it never will be easy casevacing the pl fatty however fit you are.

I hope this has answered your question, if not then please send me a PM. Just remember, Sandhurst isn't the end - it's the beginning, don't do what one colleague of mine did and try to bollock his OTC RSM for some admin detail...


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Quick question, are there two TACCs this year or just one? On my OTCs timetable it only lists one - from the 9th to the 31st June.

I'm a first year Uni student and OTC cadet and would like to commission in the summer but our annual camp ends the day before the TACC begins, with the final week of camp being a MOD3 week.

Any advice on my situation would be greatly appreciated.

(I've posted here rather than PMing people as I imagine that there may be others in the same position as me in the future and it may help them as well)
There are two.

July and September.

Edited cos of mongness!!!
Sorry for hijacking, but does anyone know the exact dates of the July course.

By the way- I passed Summer Leader in Gaerlochead, and went ot RMAS and subsequently failed. However that was due to lack of confidence and being overwhelmed by the "Sandhurst effect"- where one over hypes the place in your mind to such an extent that every little thing you get wrong seems to mean the world to you until you can no longer function and fade under pressure in your command appointments.

Albeit with a little perspective, and a few confidence bulding exercises over the past year I feel I'm ready to go back and smash it. Physically, after only doing a special refresher course for MOD3 for all those who did SL09 and couldn't go to RMAS in Sept, I will not be in as good shape as if I did SL again- but i hopefully will be injury free/which i was not last year. And obviously I won't have had ver recent command experience. In any case determination is all you really need and the best prep by far is Summer leader- but it doesn't guarrantee you a pass.

But back to my origonal qu. Anyone have the July dates? I'm booked on but havn't got the dates from my unit yet?


Ex_Pompadour said:
I call WAH.

No OTC would let you pass MLDP2 in a week. You'd have to miss out half of the syllabus. You'll be claiming that your PRACTAC was run indoors just looking out of the classroom window and that you were taught by Group B 2LTs next.


No comment.
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