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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by madeinuk, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. A silly question really, but, is a JNCO allowed to contact the RCMO directly rather than going through the chain of command?

    There is no particular reason why he doesnt want to go through the chain of command but would rather keep it between himself and the RCMO.

    Cheers for you help in advance.
  2. I can't see why not, In my experance I spoke to the RCMO when he was kicking around work just mentioned to him that I wanted to go to uni and how should I aproach this. He took it on and got me out in time for the start of the next term, being 4 months insted of the 1 year period.

    I personaly found this chap to be one of the most helpful and approachable people for career advice. A really good group of people IMHO just tell you friend to pop in and ask them for adivce, ours had an open door policy but I don't know if this is the status quo for all RCMO but worth a shot!
  3. This is all MHO of course but if he's your JNCO then it seems he is going through the chain of command. He can be interviewed all the way up that chain to the RCMO and still request at each stage that he wishes for his affairs to remain closed. Though if I were his Troopy I'd like to think he could converse any mil affair with me. Use your chain and all should be OK.
  4. Officially I believe your supposed to put in for an official interview with the RCMO by putting in paperwork through the chain of command.

    However I don't believe any RCMO would send you away if you just knocked on his door and asked for an informal chat.
  5. Give him a quick ring and explain yourself. The number is in the MCM Div Newsletter. They don't bite, especially if you've got a genuine reason for contacting him direct.
  6. I dont see any reason why a Soldier cannot contact the RCMO directly for advice, although the Soldier should approach the situation sensibly.

    The last thing the JNCO's chain of command want is a phone call from the RCMO saying "Lcpl Bloggs isnt happy, and wants to transfer", especially if its a complete surprise to them.

    The best way would be to officially request an RCMO's interview through the chain of command, keeping them informed as far as the JNCO is comfortable with. He has to remember that the RCMO is there to compliment the COC and provide a direct link into MCM Div, he's not there to fight battles with the COC on behalf of the soldier, but will have the Soldiers best career interests at heart. There is no point in alienating the COC, in most cases you should use it to your advantage and the answers to your problems or ambitions may well be just a question away.
  7. Not a silly question but your mate should be careful. If what he wants to talk to the RCMO about is essentially a career/posting type question then it is something that will effect the unti to whom he belongs. Furthermore the relationship betweem RCMOs and units is based upon trust. Requesting that the RCMO helps with something which goes against his units wishes may well place said RCMO is v.difficult position.

    Personally - If a soldier comes to your office, I always believe he has not done it on a whim, he has thought hard about what he wants and how he wants to frame his request. I would always given them my time based upon that. Get him to go to his Troopie/OC.

  8. Definitely not a silly question. The modern overstretched army is all about numbers and bums on seats and does not necessarily have your best interest at heart.

    When I was in, I contacted them a number of times. Though being in a small trade group made it a lot easier (spec op) as the person on the other end of the phone generally remembered me, where I had been and where I was aiming to reach.

    Most of the time I found it useful and I got the results I wanted. Then submitted the paperwork / followed the chain of command. Most of the time those who wield the power were non the wiser, and at the end of the day they don’t really care about your future or where you go as long as they have a replacement in before you leave. Found this to be the case especially when your 1 or 2 pip wonder doesn't even understand your trade group, its limited postings and what the individual may or may not do at their next unit.

    You have nothing to lose as the even the call is free on the mil network.
  9. You can request a RCMO's interview through your chain of command, but you don't have to tell them why.

    Likewise, I don't think an RCMO will mind if you just rock up, but your CoC will ahve to be put in to the loop straight after.

  10. Beaker,

    What are you on? Most officers join to lead and look after men and women, they do not see soldiers as merely pers to keep seats warm. To say they don't care about a soldiers future is boll**ks.

    Furthermore if every tradesmen was to ring their desk officer, then a) desk officers would rapidly become unable to do anything but answer phones and b) nobody would know what was going on. Net result is that soldier A thinks he has negotiated a gucci posting but nothing is done as desk offr too busy listening to soliders B-Z bang on about where they want to go.

    Leave it to the chain of command


  11. Talk to your RCMO on the phone informally before you ask to se him through your chain of command. It may save you the need to see him in the first place and if your CoC deny you access you can inform the RCMO that you care unable to see him as a result.

    Your career only really matters to one person - you!
  12. I'll tell you what I was on, it was called looking after number one, doing 15 years and left because of YES men like yourself that blindly believed that the system would look after them. Modern ruperts do not have a clue, they are led by the hand by the Staffies and WO's when they are around. Generally in this busy time, these senior bods are busy keeping people alive which leaves the pricks behind, the people you obviously trust.

    Also if you dont have it black and white in your greasy mit, then you cant believe it. A phone call and some polite words works wonders greasing the wheels. Especially when a new PO comes through with WHAT you originally asked for on it.

    Read them and weep. Or do something about it and leep for joy.

    Yid, yid Y A W N
  13. I must agree with Beaker, I have always rang my desk officer when posting are due or I wanted a course. It seems the best way to go, it may seem backwards but I have had most of my first choice postings and courses by phoning up getting the posting/course and then putting in the paperwork.
    Records bang on about managing your own career so do it. To many people sit about moaning about the shit posting they get and just leave it to records. These people at records are employed to admin our careers and haver always been very helpful to me. Basicaly if you dont ask you dont get.
  14. Very true - if you dont ask you dont get!. However it is common courtesy to at least keep the CoC informed of what you are doing. That way if a Posting Order lands on there desk they will have some knowledge of it.
    There is nothing wrong in speaking to the RCMO as they are " the direct link" to MCM DIV, they can at least give you sensible up to date advice on your career and possible options.